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Present Your Consumers With More Product Information Using Telesales

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on April 8, 2024

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Selling your product or service to your customers naturally involves sharing a decent amount of product information with them, but experienced telesales professionals employ a few more tried-and-tested strategies than that. To meet their sales targets, some telemarketing companies provide their customers with more detailed product information, leaving no questions unanswered in their minds. This works because the more product information the customer knows, the more they feel in control of their purchasing decision-making process.

Giving your customers more product information also helps increase their trust in the telesales agent, the product being offered, and by extension, your company. This is because when a telesales lead generation agent sells you a product but refuses to answer your follow-up questions about it, or gives only a smidgen of product information to you, it is only natural to doubt and wonder why he refuses to provide you with more product details.

Providing your customers with more product information through telesales is a proven effective tool for your outbound sales efforts. A huge part of its effectiveness can be attributed to the personal, one-on-one, and human interaction aspects of telesales. Customers who receive a call from a telesales agent know that on the other end of the line is a real, live person who can engage them in a conversation. Knowing this, they will be more inclined to listen and accommodate the call, than if it were an automatic voice recording doing the same. Creating this humane connection is also a sign of good customer service, which can influence the success rate of your telesales campaign.

Another compelling reason why you may want to consider providing more product information through telesales is that you have your leads’ captured attention. Again, this has something to do with the personal conversation they are having with the telesales agent, especially if the agent employs cold-calling sales techniques. Your leads will be more receptive to listening to your agent’s sharing of additional product information if they hear him call them by name or by their title, for example. If the agent is using CRM software that shows relevant data such as the leads’ personal profile and purchase history, he can use that data to highlight specific product information that will be the most attractive or useful for the particular lead, thereby increasing your sales conversion rate.

This simple but powerful strategy makes their conversation more engaging and personal, which makes them feel valued and respected. It can also lessen their initial resistance or objections to the unexpected call.

Companies that outsource sales know this for a fact, giving more product information through telesales can help you achieve your sales targets because sometimes, all that customers need to make that purchase is additional information. And if you present these to them in a very organized, personalized, and professional manner, you are setting up the stage for more conversions that will positively affect your bottom line.

It is important to remember, however, that the effectiveness of your telesales campaign rests on several factors, beginning with the competency of your telesales agents, the quality of their script, and the quality of leads forwarded to them by your telemarketing and lead generation staff. But if you feel your current staff does not possess the knowledge and skills required for a successful telesales campaign, don’t worry. Outsourcing an established BPO that offers telesales will help you bridge your skills gap, for a very competitive price.

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      Present Your Consumers With More Product Information Using Telesales

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