Raffling Off Holiday Spirit—Via Call Center

Raffling Off Holiday Spirit—Via Call Center

It is common practice for a lot of establishments to hold a raffle during the festive holiday season Not only is it a great way to entice customers but the raffle ticket proceeds are usually given to charity – to cheer up our less fortunate brothers and sisters during the season of giving.

Did you know that your customer service call center partner can actually help you make the most of that raffle for the coming holiday season?

Those inbound call center telephone, email, and Facebook channels, for instance, can serve as portals where patrons can “fill out and send” their entries—albeit via modern technology as opposed to the traditional “drop box” system. In fact, the same call center service reps can even answer any questions about raffle mechanics or prizes that customers may have.

Or, your customer service call center’s outbound contact center reps can even serve to inform the winners of their cool prizes—and how to claim these.

So make people smile this holiday season. Hold that raffle. After all, joining can actually be as simple as a phone call away.


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