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Reach Out and Touch Your Customers

There was this ad that came out a few years ago that encouraged people to “reach out and touch someone”. The company behind the ad was emphasizing the power of communications—and telecommunications, in particular—in helping people keep in touch with family, friends and other contacts—even those from way across the world. Did you know that you likewise have the power to reach out to all kinds of people, wherever they may be? Yes, your customer contact center facility, for instance, can be a very powerful tool in linking your Photo and Print shop business with the rest of the world. How? With a dedicated inbound call center, a political party from Australia can easily call up and inquire about your latest printing services. A mother, on the other hand, can likewise check up on the invitation designs she asked you to make for her daughter’s 7th birthday party. As if these aren’t enough, you can likewise use your Twitter or Facebook page to get your customers’ thoughts on your newest holiday designs. Moreover, you can even post pictures of your newest store and invite new clients to come over and peruse your latest offerings.  Of course, you can likewise use these tools to keep in touch with your loyal patrons. Technology has indeed made it easier to reach new people—and new clients. So reach out and touch new clients today. You may even make a few friends along the way.