Say It With Confidence

While shopping for a new washing machine one day, you come across a man selling mugs. You’d normally pass by such salespeople simply because you’re not exactly interested in a mug—save for coffee breaks when you’d pour your black coffee into one.

But there was something different about this guy: it’s the way he sold his wares.

“Get your shiny new coffee mug”, he said. “Not only will your brew stay steaming hot and fresh, you can do so with cool designs to boot”. It’s not what he said, rather, how he said it—he spoke with the utmost conviction.

This same conviction can help your customer service reps win customer confidence. Speaking with confidence isn’t just an effective way to win clients over; it can likewise make them stay.

Speaking clearly and with authority makes customers feel that your reps know what they’re talking about. Would you buy a car from someone who seemed unsure if it gets good gas mileage?

Moreover, customer service call center agents should avoid stuttering and saying things like “Umm”. These not only give the impression that they’re unsure of what to say, it also says that they, too, wouldn’t buy the product even if someone paid them.

So remind your inbound call center agents to speak with confidence. Who knows? They might be so convinced, they would end up buying your products as well.



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