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Say No Evil, Do No Evil

“Don’t do this, or else …” is a line we often heard while growing up. As little children, curiosity, more often than not, got the better of us. Unfortunately, this same curious nature got us into trouble, just like that darn cat.

The call center industry is no exception. There are times when clients end up irritated at what they claim to be “poor customer service”, all because the telephone agent uttered a line or two that didn’t sit well with them.

So what must a sales rep avoid saying (or doing) so as not to agitate customers, you ask? Agents don’t do these, or else…

One move a phone agent must not do is bad mouth their competitor. While saying all kinds of negative things about a competing brand may win you points, remember that this won’t last very long. Customers will eventually see through your “ploy” and walk away altogether. Besides, doesn’t your service have any good points you can harp about?

Another thing to keep in mind, especially when selling a product is, don’t make a sales pitch. Clients would appreciate it much more if you started a conversation with them. From here, you can talk about your product. But never start by selling. This will surely scare them away.

Customer service is all about establishing a good relationship with your clients. Don’t do anything to jeopardize this relationship, and you can look forward to many fruitful years ahead. Remember, don’t do these, or else.