Fb Pixel Serve Up Some Tech Support Happiness This Season

Serve Up Some Tech Support Happiness This Season


There’s this story of a leading cable company that ruled the roost and was actually the last word in family home entertainment for many years. But alas, while it offered many great products and channels to its subscribers, it eventually plummeted from grace—and the top spot it held onto. The problem was its tech support, among others. Or better yet, the lack thereof.

You see, a lot of customers started to experience bad signals in their respective areas. When they tried to contact the customer support hotlines, however, they ran into either busy tones or worse, incessantly ringing telephones—all day and night long. Oh, the situation eventually became worse as the years went by.

With stiff competition catching up, something had to be done. And they did. The said cable operator went straight to the heart of the problem and undertook steps to correct the “sins” of the past. They recently rolled out an advertising blitz (a timely move for the upcoming holiday season, perhaps?) that emphasized that they are now “serving some happiness”.

What does this mean, you wonder?

In a nutshell, the ad is sending the message that “happiness” means that they will be there for their customers, no matter what. It is saying that there will be a team of tech support agents on call 24/7, ready to answer clients’ calls for installation, signal trouble reportage, and the like, with a friendly smile and helping hand to boot. No more talking to a dead robot—if ever you got through to a support rep. Lofty goals that they somehow seem to be delivering.

And hey, the good news is that you, too, can “serve some holiday happiness” to your customers via your own tech support service. Just like the revitalized cable company, always be there to help your clients—even if you haven’t encountered the problem they are putting forward. Such as that faulty smart phone charger, which, as a customer support agent said, was “something new”. Yet, he still took the time to listen patiently and offer a few viable options.

Simple things such as this can go a long way in serving up some happiness. Now, that’s tech support.



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