Should I Order?

“May I take your order?” is a question you often hear when eating out. From McDonald’s to the finest five-star restaurants, the fast food attendant or waiter never fails to ask the hungry patrons.

Did you know, however, that this line doesn’t just apply to your trendy neighborhood Starbucks? The customer contact center business likewise has a service where callers can place their orders—done via Order Taking Services.

As the name suggests, Order Taking is an inbound service that deals with recording and processing of orders.  Needless to say, it goes beyond the usual “do you want fries-with-your-cheeseburger” type of orders and takes in just about anything product or service customers can avail themselves of.

How will you know if your company should partake of this service, you ask? The simple answer is: are you selling a product or service? Moreover, does your business require a dedicated team to handle such a service?

A magazine publisher can, for instance, process subscription faster and more efficiently with this service. Order taking services can likewise ease the hassles often associated with claims processing. And getting customer feedback can be even simpler than filling out the feedback form itself.

Consider Order Taking Services call center service today. Just remind your telephone agents to avoid blurting out “do you want to up-size that?”, especially if they’re processing a pre-need insurance plan.


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