Standing Out From the Pack Starts With Effective Order Taking

Standing Out From the Pack Starts With Effective Order Taking

order taking call centerHave you noticed how everyone seems to offer an order taking service nowadays? From pizza chains to appliance depots, almost all establishments now allow customers to order either over the phone or via the internet.

But is there any way your Sandwiches R Plus restaurant can stand out from the rest—aside from the tasty sandwiches? Actually, there is. And you can start with that same customer call center facility.

It begins with the channels—voice (from an order taking call center), e-mail, website, Facebook, just to name a few. Whatever form of communication you use, make sure your customers can easily reach you, wherever they are. While you’re at it, make sure that someone will be there to take down those orders—in a fast and timely manner. And always double check to ensure that all details are accurate, and that delivery addresses, for example, are correct.

Once the order has been received, quickly get in touch with the processing and delivery/dispatch teams. Doing so will increase the chances of clients getting their orders sooner. This likewise helps you keep them loyal, or even win new ones in the process.

It’s great to have your very own order taking call center service. It’s even better if it’s an effective, kick-ass one.

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