September 21, 2010

The agent’s notes from the call center trenches – Part 2

Work in an inbound call center is fun but requires a sheer amount of patience. Callers are of garden variety, some of which may not be the type you want to speak with.
September 17, 2010

Career Choices in a Call Center – Part 3

Inbound call centers handle incoming calls while outbound does out coming calls. The choices are endless! Find the job that fits you.
September 15, 2010

Career Choices in a Call Center – Part 1

With its continued rise, the call center industry has evolved and diversified that a lot of people are now having difficulty in understanding the various call center job ad posted online.
August 31, 2010

Call Center Guerrilla 1: Inbound Call Handling Tactics

In this installment, we discuss and simplify the process if you handle incoming calls in the inbound call center.