While spending a light moment with your two-year old son one day, playtime is suddenly interrupted by a tantrum. As he rummages through the mess, otherwise known as his toys, poor Gabriel realizes that his favorite Mini Cooper toy car is missing. Panic ensues.

After all kinds of distractions—food, another toy, a dollar bill, nothing seems to work. He won’t stop crying and it seems that the only thing that will appease him is that toy car.

Customer care call center reps usually find themselves in the same situation when dealing with irate clients. More often than not, they tend to view these customers as unreasonable two-year olds who won’t calm down after throwing a fit. Take heart, though, because you can deal with such clients, just as you would with your child.

The trick is to remain calm—at all costs. If the child (or in this case, the customer) feels your elevated excitement, they too won’t come down from their manic mood.

Keeping calm allows you to calm them down as well. Moreover, the situation can be resolved by trying to talk some sense into them. Try to look for ways to resolve the problem. Look for a way to reach their desired result or at least, offer them the next best thing—a free coupon, a huge discount, or the like.

In the end, Gabriel will be merrily playing with his Mini. Oh, and you’ll have a happy customer, too.



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