Fb Pixel Tech Support: Hybrid, In-House, or Outsourced?

Tech Support: Hybrid, In-House, or Outsourced?



Technical support comes in different forms depending on the type of service needed. Technology is an integral part of operating any business and that is why business owners are investing in it. However, it is important to hire someone who is knowledgeable and skillful in operating the equipment. The good thing is that there are many technicians who can do the job. You can also hire a third party company where you can outsource help desk services.

The Philippine contact center industry is offering various services including technical support. Nowadays, many companies – local and foreign – are taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing technical support. In order to obtain the best results, make sure to find a reliable and credible company to outsource to.

Outsourcing services for technical support can add value to the level of customer service that you provide. When that happens, it can help you keep your customers. Creating a good rapport with clients is necessary and it can be done by featuring an after-sales service. It reinforces the brand’s image and it is not only by providing quality services and products. Making customers happy and satisfied in buying your products can make a business be ahead of the competition. Thus, outsourcing technical support services is a great help in providing a high level of satisfaction for your customers.

Another enticing benefit of outsourcing tech support is that the company can reduce overhead costs. Most companies prefer outsourcing as compared to keeping it in-house because it is more cost-effective and efficient. Hiring more employees would cost a big amount of money. At the same time, you need also to send employees to training. The good thing about outsourcing is that the business can save from huge training expenses if they were to do this activity on their own.

On the other hand, making the right decision on whether to outsource or in-house service depends on the necessity of the company for technical support. This service would be ideal if the business requires consistent customer support. If the business expects a high volume of customers’ inquiries, the best thing to do is to outsource the service to any firm in the Philippine BPO industry. Outsourcing is also ideal because you only need to pay the technical support representative for the service rendered.

Technical support is also essential if your business aims to serve international customers. Obviously, you need call center representatives who can speak the language of your customers at varying times. If you want to provide 24/7 service, then the best thing to do is to outsource your technical support as it is the best alternative to having in-house employees. However, in outsourcing this service, make sure that you oversee the project and ask to be informed about the progress of the project. Likewise, the provider should also provide all the necessary information so that you will know if they are doing the job that you expect.

How to obtain the perfect blend of outsourcing technical support?

Some businesses are hesitant to outsource services from a third party because they do not know if it will do them well. The good news is that outsourcing to the Philippine contact center industry is not only beneficial to the business but also to the employees. Likewise, the outsourcing company can also add new input and perspective in terms of experience. It also drives innovation thus making their staff become more flexible in achieving other business objectives.

Outsourcing IT support requires thorough planning so that you can determine which functions to outsource. Ideally, most companies are outsourcing non-core functions such as server management. The organization should also consider the interactions and hand-off points between functions. Knowing the facts about outsourcing can help in determining if the hybrid solution is the best one for you or if it would be better to outsource or to hire an in-house staff.

In obtaining online computer tech support, it is essential to choose a provider that can render quality service, implement company innovation and new practices. This way, you can ensure that the service provider will focus on driving continuous and innovative services. Tech support can improve the level of efficiency because the technicians know how to improve IT processes.

Hiring in-house vs. outsourcing

Outsourcing services from Philippine contact center offers a lot of benefits to an organization running a business. No single employee has the ability to perform different tasks making it reasonable to outsource services. If you want your business to become successful, then it is worthy to invest in outsourcing individuals having specialized skills. This way, you can ensure that there is no need to train. Instead, the person can perform the task even without supervision.

It can also save money from buying specialized equipment to ensure efficient operation of the business. It is because the outsourced jobs will be done in the call centers. That is why it is the responsibility of the third party to provide the necessary equipment that will be used. A business requiring seasonal needs can also prefer to outsource services. There are tasks that are seasonal and so you can hire call center services when only when they are needed. Thus, companies experiencing a high volume of calls invest in tech support outsourcing. On the contrary, in-sourcing or hiring in-house staff is also beneficial in some ways. Primarily, the business owner has full control over the time, quality and the activities needed to be done. It can be less expensive at first; yet hiring unskilled staff may end up costing you more in the long run. However, if you want to keep in touch with your customers personally, then keeping that function in-house is ideal.

Most companies are undecided. They do not know what they are going to choose between the outsourcing and in-house options. In the end, they go for choosing the hybrid model. This means that the company may hire in-house marketing experts and, at the same time, outsource from a third party as the need arises. Likewise, by outsourcing, the organization may have the chance to study and learn how the call center representatives perform the job and eventually build a core group.

Indeed, outsourcing is not only complex but it also requires a series of trade-offs. By outsourcing tech support online, an organization should understand trading off speed over quality of service delivery, cost savings against business growth, organizational cohesion against innovation and knowledge. That is why to ensure getting the valuable services of a third party, make sure to choose a provider that has competitive structural advantages and can offer services under any specific circumstance.

Entrusting non-core functions to a third party remains useful for those organizations and companies following these five models:


Usually, outsourcing organizational processes are standardized and centralized. This allows the organization to obtain detailed management insights and gain efficiencies internally.


Organizations hire the third party to transform the functions and, at the same time, run it in a short period. It is because transformation can be easily achieved by hiring an external provider instead of doing it in-house. Companies that are in fast-moving companies prefer this model so that they can easily adapt and adjust to the rapid changes.

Risk transfer

Outsourcing functions can reduce the risks of the organization in terms of finance and operation. It is because hiring skilled representatives gives assurance that they can help in operating the business very well. Hiring a technical support specialist is a great help for businesses and organizations in carrying out technical tasks. Using computers and other technologies may increase the possibility of coming across technical problems. That is why hiring someone who can do the job should be given attention to by every business. However, hiring an in-house technician is a big addition to the business’ expenses.

This is the reason why many companies and organizations outsource technical jobs to BPO companies. This option does not only reduce the costs but also helps in making profits. It is because the call center agent will do the job even if the business owner is not around or sleeping. They can perform the job effectively in such a way that they provide services 24/7. Thus, the money spent on outsourcing pays off because your business is earning without you working.

Regardless of the purpose of outsourcing services, the most important thing to note is that the business’s main goal is to provide quality customer service. There are various services available yet the bottom line is always the customers. Magellan Solutions is one of the companies in the BPO industry in which any business can avail of outsourcing services. Technical support is one of the important services that a business should provide to their customers.

It is good to think that the responsibility of the business does not end after the customer bought the product or service. A responsible business owner is concerned about the customer after the buying process. Not all customers buy the product only if he or she understands how it will work. That is why there are instances in which customers may throw queries after buying the product.

If the business is involved in selling products and services related to information technology, most likely it is ideal to hire an IT consultant who can answer customers’ queries and issues. However, to ensure efficient service, the best thing to do is to hire an expert from the business process outsourcing industry. You can expect better results because call center representatives are not only skilled but are also result-oriented.

Technical support services are significant in promoting and ensuring the growth of a business. Likewise, a BPO company also helps in exploring new concepts of growth in terms of work practices. The business can expect a great transformation by outsourcing because the processes are more streamlined and focused, thus more productive. This way, in-house staff can focus on other business activities that are considered to be core functions.

Additionally, the operational efficiency of the business can also improve as long as the organization provides quality technical support to customers. Staff handling IT positions cannot guarantee to provide efficient services. It is because IT technicians have a specific scope of expertise. On the other hand, there are IT technicians specializing in different areas just like those having IT certifications.

Call center service providers are an ideal platform that gives high-end technology resources, skills and talents. It serves as an extension of the organization’s goals and values in order to fulfill the business’ expectations. Since they work 24/7, it will be easier to create brand presence and promote growth. You can also ensure that customers can keep in touch constantly because the call center agent is always there to accommodate calls and inquiries.

Providing tech support online is advantageous to a business, but you need to find the right service provider. Otherwise, failure to do so is just a waste of your hard-earned money and, worse, may result in damaging your credibility and reputation. It shows that deciding to outsource should consider all the pertinent aspects of the business. You should not only think about the success of the business but, most importantly, its reputation and credibility.

The decision on whether to outsource or hire in-house staff depends on the necessity of the business. Keep in mind that outsourcing is expensive but worth the cost. Nevertheless, investing in something for the good of the business is worthy as you will not only make money but also gain huge profits. Therefore, to ensure that your money will not be wasted, the best thing to do is to identify the tasks that need to be outsourced.

Computer tech support is essential to ensure that the flow of business transactions will run smoothly. It is not easy to run a business and make it successful. No business owner can do it alone – that is why there is a need to hire staff that can help in carrying out different tasks and functions essential to the business. As the business grows, hiring staff would not be enough thus making it ideal to outsource some services to a third party.

Business owners should not hesitate to invest in outsourcing. Not to mention its benefits, outsourcing can also give peace of mind to business owners because once they sign a contract with the outsourcing firm, all they have to do is to monitor the progress. This way, business owners can concentrate on planning other activities that will improve the business such as expanding it.