Fb Pixel The 1-800: Can Call Centers Provide Businesses With An Easy Contact Number?

The 1-800: Can Call Centers Provide Businesses With An Easy Contact Number?

The 1-800: Can Call Centers Provide Businesses With An Easy Contact Number?


Businesses need to understand the financial challenges that customers are facing. People are interested in buying products and they also have the money to do so, yet they are hesitant to spend it. That is why many businesses are having hard time in finding the best way to sell their products and services. Using a toll-free number is considered to be a reliable technique that has been used for decades. This is a traditional technique but most companies are still employing it. Philippine call centers offer such a service to companies here and abroad.

This number is used to give customers the chance to contact the company without charge. Aside from the internet, customers are also using the telephone when inquiring about the products and services. It’s about having a number that can be used for business operations. Being able to provide quality customer service is essential to the success of the business. Thus, a toll-free number is a great help.Likewise, using toll free numbers also helps in enhancing corporate identity.

Companies are using television in promoting jingles and ads as well as using the 1-800 to identify the company. Customers can easily remember if the company name is incorporated in the number. However, using the tool-free number is only free for customers. It is because the cost of the call is forwarded to the company owning the number.Using this number is not only for big businesses but also for those that are starting up small businesses too. It can help in maintaining open communication with customers. Before deciding to seek service from any Philippine contact center, it is important to know first how these free numbers work. On the other hand, people using these numbers are either existing clients or potential customers looking for information on how they can order products or services.

There are other numbers aside from 800 being used and the list includes 855 to 888. They differ in number formats but no technical difference. The numbers correspond to a word and 800 means .com. The other numbers explains various country codes. That is why any business planning to use a toll-free line has to know the importance of how it will attract any customer’s attention. Make sure that it can help in customer service as well as in branding your business.Explanation of toll free numbers

What is toll free number? This number is similar to an ordinary license plate in which the numbers correspond with the letters spelling out relevant words or a company name. The good thing about using these numbers is that customers can easily remember it. It is easier to determine the number as compared to creating a website name or domain. All you have to do is to find the available combination and register it. By doing good research and creativity, you can easily find the right number that is appropriate for your business.

Seeking the help of the BPO industry in the Philippines would help a business in making the most a toll-free number. Likewise, using the Private Branch Exchange system can also increase the efficiency of the free line. This system is automated and useful in gathering the needs of the customer in such a way that it will be directed to the right department.

Determining how to access the provider and finding the right prices is the most challenging part of getting a toll-free number. The cost varies depending on the provider but you can also find a discounted rate. Since customers can call the line for free, businesses can expect higher rates of response from the market. Companies also benefit from such a service because it enables them to have a presence and also enables the capabilities of routing and reporting.

These numbers are portable that is why you can still receive calls even if you move to a new location with no additional costs. Using a toll free number helps in creating a strong image of the company. Giving the number to your customers is a big plus though they would not know your location even if you may be running the business at home. Likewise, it will be easier to expand your marketing reach. The company pays for the call and if there is no call, there is no charge.

What do toll free numbers have to offer?

There is a plethora of marketing strategies that can be used in attracting customers as well as gaining market share. Additionally, there are strategies that can also help to maintain clients and motivate repeat business. That is why the Philippine contact center industry creates various services that will help businesses in reaching out to their customers through these 1-800 numbers.

It brings many benefits when used correctly and it can utilize even using other technologies. This is an ideal business strategy to stand out from the crowded marketplace. Customers can easily remember your business if the product key is linked to the number. This means that the type of business can be associated to the number so that it will become more memorable to the customers. It also gives a strong impression of being established and of being a professional. You can also monitor incoming calls at the same time to be able to evaluate your marketing efforts.

To realize more sales, it is important to ensure that you provide quality customer service. Allowing customers to use the toll line will make them think that they are given more importance and are well-cared for. This way, they will enjoy the experience and eventually tell their friends about it. Such word of mouth can attract more customers that can convert into sales. Large companies are benefiting the most from using the toll free numbers due to its call-routing capabilities.

Accounting firms: Keeping personal touch through toll free solution

Using of toll-free numbers or vanity numbers is not only for some businesses but also for the accounting industry. It is because accounting firms also maintain customer service. If they did not, their business will surely fail. Clients would trust their finances to an accounting firm that prioritizes a personal relationship with the customers. Through the free line, it will be easier to accommodate customers’ queries and be also able to address it accordingly.

Implementing the 1-800 will improve the communication between the accounting firm and the customers. The good thing is that these numbers can be forwarded to mobile phones. That is why it will be easier to answer the calls of clients even on the go. The line reliability can be improved by eliminating outdated technologies and incorporating the updated ones. You can combine a Hosted PBX System with the 1-800 number in order to allow for a high volume of calls. This is a great way to enhance customer satisfaction without spending much.

How can the toll free number reach a wider customer base?

Businesses using the 1-800 numbers can expect for a wider customer base. It is because BPO companies offer various scaling options to increase the marketability of the business. Through the scalable phone system inefficient call routing, dropped transactions and long call waiting times can be avoided. Businesses should also look for providers offering a supplementary expansion tool. This way, it will be possible to expand the geographical presence in which international calls are accommodated and tailored to local area codes.

For anyone who is thinking of a start up business or expanding a business, it is a great idea to invest in getting a 1-800 number. In fact, small businesses benefit the most from this toll-free number in many ways.
Business size – 1-800 numbers are accessible by customers anywhere in the country and internationally. This is an effective and cost-saving way of reaching wide range of customer base.
Business expansion – Expanding an existing business is possible even with insufficient employees. It is because 1-800 numbers can help in increasing the business network without acquiring heavy overheads associated to business expansion. It is a low-cost strategy of increasing customer traffic and the profit margins that are significant in the expansion.
Product accessibility – The toll free number also is useful in creating a link between the customer, product and business. It assists in developing a stable customer base and increasing product marketing techniques. Likewise, businesses take advantage of the number to recruit call traffic and advertise the product.
Customer service – The numbers are an invaluable tool to improve customer service. The good thing is customer service outsourcing services from call centers exist as they sort and direct the calls prior to sending it to respective business destinations. Likewise, it can be converted from voicemail to email to enable priority call response.

Magellan Solutions is one of the companies in the BPO industry offering different services including the organization of calls from customers. Getting their services will help your business to address all the inquiries of your existing clients and potential customers. The virtual assistant ensures that all calls are directed to the department or person concern who can answer the query effectively.

The good that comes with it

Advertising your product and services as well as developing brand will cost you a big amount of money. Yet, using the toll free number, you can be sure that the expenses would be converted as to advertising as well. You can ask help from experts to know which number combination is suitable to your business. Customers will not only remember the number but also the advertisement of the product.
It is quite challenging to find the right vanity number. Fortunately, there are search tools available that can make the search a lot easier. The numbers are listed in a database so that people will easily find it. If there are no matches to be found, you can refine your search. However, you can also be creative in your search as long as it describes your business.

By using a toll free number, you will make your business look more professional. It is proven to be cost-effective and powerful in building brand awareness. Regardless of the size of your business, it will surely heighten the positive impact. Likewise, there are ways to maximize the use of the virtual numbers. Once the provider activates the virtual number, you can start using it in marketing products and services, thus a higher response rate can be expected.

This virtual number can be used in different campaigns including broadcast media, online and offline. Likewise, it is also useful in marketing and promotional efforts as you can put the number in brochures, sales sheets, letterheads, product catalogs, billboards, business cards, building signage, trade show displays and many others.

On the other hand, make sure that the call center agent answering your number is using the right language that is understandable by customers. Once the customers know that they can call a phone number for free, you can expect that your business will eventually prosper. Indeed, using the toll free number will not only boost customer service but also the revenue.

It is cheaper to use toll free number instead of traditional phones. Aside from the opportunity to attend to clients anywhere in the world, you can also ensure that customers will be attended to 24/7 particularly if you hire call center representatives to handle and manage all calls. The calls can be routed to any phone number that is used at home, mobile and office line.

As you are searching for a toll free number provider, you should also choose one that offers a variety of packages. You can choose a prepaid plan or pay a monthly charge. The payment is based on the calls made by customers. That is why in case of unused minutes of calls, there are packages that will allow these unused minutes to be rolled over to following month. Undoubtedly, businesses will find a great relief by using a toll free number that keeps you in touch with customers.

The expenses made in getting the number is worth every cent because once it is used properly, the business can expect a good return of investment. Knowing everything about 1-800 will help in making the right decision whether the business needs it or not. Nowadays, most businesses local and abroad are enjoying the benefits. They will also have peace of mind that their customers are well attended to. Therefore, if you are running a business and noticing that it is not working as you may want it to be, then you should consider investing in 1-800 and see the results for yourself.