The Best Customer Service Comes From the Heart

It is often said that someone who does things naturally does so from the heart, along with a passion.  On the contrary, a person who does things either grudgingly, or acts like a robot while accomplishing the task, is simply there to get the job done.

You can give your business a boost if your customer service call center team were to do things from the heart. This means doing things with passion – passion to serve the customer.

Answering queries via phone, email, live chat or social network channels handled by your inbound call center provider, for example, can go beyond the usual “yes/no, this-is-our-price-for-that-service” bit.  On the flipside, it would be an excellent idea to check and see how customers find your service once the job has been done. Don’t simply do the task, and that’s it.

Then there’s the way you deal with customers—such as your tone of voice. When handling sales orders, it helps to hear that order taking call center agents have a friendly, cheery demeanor. A robot, err, person who does things mechanically may often sound sleepy and unwilling to talk to the world. That is a big no-no. Customers want someone who is warm and helpful to do from start to finish.

There are more ways of serving from the heart. Let’s find out together, soon.


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