Fb Pixel The Power of Feedback Helps You Serve Customers Better

The Power of Feedback Helps You Serve Customers Better

The Power of Feedback Helps You Serve Customers Better

customer-feedbackSo you want to serve your customers better, you say? We admire you for stepping up to the plate. While many companies talk about it, only a few can really “Walk the talk”, so to speak.

So what have you been doing to make your clients happy? Apart from answering the phone, email, and Facebook channels in a prompt manner, your call center’s 24/7 customer care team have been hard at work meeting all sorts of customer issues head-on.

Just like the case of Jed, who recently contacted to complain that the magazines he’s subscribed to via your order taking service has been perennially late for the past few months. It’s a good thing your team was on their toes, and fixed his concern as soon as they got the call.

And this is what we want to emphasize: that true customer service isn’t merely about a quick re-tweet or being on standby 24/7. Excellent customer care is likewise about getting customer feedback and responding to it in a positive manner. The Young Entrepreneur Council, via Inc.com said it perfectly: “You can use that information (feedback) to improve your product or service for the next customer”.

Nowadays, getting client feedback does not entail rocket science. In fact, those customer service multi-channels such as phone, live chat, email, and yes, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, are gold mines of information waiting to be tapped. Come to think of it, you don’t need to look any further than the telephone—which is still the most preferred medium by most customers—to know what’s on their minds.

Listen intently to what each and every client has to say. If they like your product, then keep up the good work. If it sucks, fix it as soon as possible.

Still want to know how you can serve your customers better? We already told you—if only you’d been paying attention.