Fb Pixel Customer Service: The Truths About Customer Complaints

Customer Service: The Truths About Customer Complaints

Businesses need to put themselves in the shoes of the customers. If consumers call your technical support or your help desk, it means they are looking for the right reason for the things that have gone wrong along the way.

We never liked receiving complaints. They make us think we failed miserably in our service, or have fallen short of our customers’ expectations. But complaints are not a reflection of our inefficiency as business. As we dig deeper, we then discover new truths not easily unraveled all because we’ve been too preoccupied running the day-to-day operations. Somehow, someone takes notice and calls to remind us what is wrong. Complaints take on a new meaning if taken from the standpoint of a consumer, not from a company’s point of view. Customers (never) really like getting mad. You will never find people extremely happy about a defective unit and when tried calling the company for replacement, have been waiting for over a week without feedback. Businesses have to put themselves in their shoes too: If customers call a technical support or your help desk, they are looking for the right reason for the things that have gone wrong along the way. Complaints test the quality of our processes. Organizations usually have structured complaints handling management process to better address consumer concerns more objectively. The only way to find out its effectiveness is to test them. It can point your business to areas requiring improvement such as call handling, handling time, problem resolution or status monitoring. Perhaps the agents require additional training to enhance their skills. Complaints are second chances. A complaint means customers are giving you another opportunity to set things right. They are saying, “Give me one good reason why I should trust you once again.” Businesses ought to be glad for customers that air their concerns. How would you feel if they call your competition? Customers just want one thing: A quick resolution to the issue. Let us find value on what all their issues represent. They should be viewed as new allies that can help improve our service offerings or our management systems. They actually offer an opportunity to show our customers that we take responsibility and we will do what it takes to resolve it. Remember that customers in these times have a choice – it’s either they call your customer call center or call your competitor’s hotline numbers. Whether you take action to the problem immediately or not is also your choice.