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The worst advice we’ve ever heard about inbound call center outsourcing

The worst advice we’ve ever heard about inbound call center outsourcing

Much has been said with regards to inbound call center outsourcing – which country has the best agents in terms of cost and communication skills, which companies offer the best package, and what is the most important thing to do before finalizing that agreement with your outsourced call center.

The saying, “location, location, location” is the advice to follow in the real estate business because the property’s location is the most important determining factor of its value. However, this same advice may not always work out for the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

A lot of articles about outsourcing that are published online advice businesses to outsource its call center services onshore or homeshore because it is a better option than offshore — for a number of seemingly valid reasons. But choosing between onshore and offshore is probably the worst advice we’ve ever heard about inbound call center outsourcing.

Remember the end in mind before you begin your inbound call center outsourcing search. Most of the time, your customers will call to ask for support on their purchased product or service. They expect to talk to a friendly and knowledgeable agent with a high-level of customer service and problem-solving skills.

You want to look for a call center solutions provider who has agents that fit this mold. How will you look for that?

Obviously, this profile of a call center agent is not exclusive to one’s homeland or any country. If it was, then there would only be one or few country(ies) serving all the businesses from all over the world for their call center needs.

Remember also that knowledge and technical skills can be learned by any person. That’s why call centers have training sessions and seminars that make the agents familiar with the products and services of the company and its clients. They are also trained how to use the technological tools needed in call center operations. These activities also aim to develop their competence in the call center industry and to help them develop the values that are crucial in customer service.

Being widely-known for call center work, Filipino agents fit that “ideal” call center agent profile. They are regarded as the most hospitable people in Asia, and probably in the world. They have top-notch, accent-free English communication skills that guarantee a smooth, understandable conversation between them and the customers. Their values of fellowship and teamwork make any workplace a fun, exciting, and learning-filled environment. Not to forget, their customer service skills are truly world-class — making them a preferred manpower over others. Many businesses that have worked or is presently working with a call center in the Philippines have reaped benefits such as lower overhead expenses, increased productivity, increased sales, and higher customer satisfaction levels. Of course, some agents from other countries who also fit in this “ideal” call center agent profile.

What we are saying is that instead of “location, location, location,” which could be interpreted as “onshore, onshore, onshore” or “offshore, offshore, offshore”, the advice should be, “people, people, people.” Because regardless of where they are based, it’s the people you work with that will be the reason behind your company’s success.


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