Fb Pixel To Push Or To Pull Via Call Center? That Is The Question

To Push Or To Pull Via Call Center? That Is The Question

To Push Or To Pull Via Call Center? That Is The Question


So here you are, planning and strategizing how to drive more customers towards your enterprise. The big debate, just as with most advertising mavens, is whether to attract them with glossy ads and other “pull” techniques, or to get proactive and go straight to their proverbial door and knock.

And in either technique, you are likewise planning to enlist the services of your customer service call center.

So, which is better, you ask? Consider each one:

Pulling them to your side: If you have been following our posts, you have probably read how an inbound customer service contact center can help pull clients to your business? You will recall that by the use of all sorts of adverts—online banners or display ads, Facebook ads, or even print, radio, and television commercials (budget permitting), your company can draw droves to your neck of the words.

The trick here is to be ready with prompt responses to the toll-free telephone hotlines, emails, Tweets, and other call center multi-channel inquiries, reservations, technical support, and sales orders. Nothing will drive customers away faster than not being able to get the info or order the product they want—after all the hype and excitement brought about by those ads.

But of course, waiting for them to come to you is just one way.

Pushing Your Biz to the World: Do you remember that your customer care contact center likewise has an outbound and lead generation channel? Why not make the most of it by letting your telemarketing, direct selling, and the like push those goods to a waiting world? Without being too aggressive or “hard selling”, this is a perfect way to let your clients know more about the stuff that they could use. Sometimes, all it takes is just a little push, they say.

So which is better? In the end, it might not necessarily have to be a choice—why not use both? It would be an excellent idea to harness the full potential of that call center by letting them serve customers via the inquiry, order taking, telephone answering services, booking requests, and other customer care channels. By the same token, it wouldn’t hurt to give your valued clients a buzz once in a while to let them know about what they’re missing out on.

Who knows? Such moves might just be the way to bring customers to your side of the world.

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Magellan Solutions
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