The Ultimate List Of Call Center Services In The Philippines

call center services in the philippinesCall center services in the Philippines cater to different business needs. There are common services such as customer service, technical support, sales, and lead generation. Meanwhile, some services are more unusual than the others but might be the specific support that you need for your business.

Fundamentally, call center services are divided into two categories: the inbound and the outbound.


Inbound call center services

Inbound call center services deal with calls that come directly from customers who seek assistance over a product or service issue, product refund, inquiry, and other related concerns.

Customer service representatives who handle inbound calls focus on providing a positive experience by zooming in on their current needs. It minimizes customer frustration and helps in increasing high customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

Inbound call center services are important because it facilitates a good relationship between a business and its customers. Both voice and non-voice agents function as spokespeople who represent the company. The way they treat their customers can mirror the culture of the company they are working for.

The services that fall under this category are the following:


Answering services

There are different kinds of answering services which caters to specific business needs, as follows:

  • 24/7 telephone answering and holiday cover
  • Internet answering service
  • Campaign and promos answering service
  • Physician answering
  • Telemessaging/teleservice
  • Dental answering service
  • Emergency answering service
  • Hotel answering service
  • Legal answering service
  • Small business answering service

Answering services give businesses the ability to provide instant and reliable assistance to their customers 24/7.


App mobile customer support

This service is for businesses who either:

  1. Develop mobile apps
  2. Use apps for their business (such as banking applications)

App mobile customer support is designed to assist customers who are having difficulties in using their applications. While they can instantly look for solutions in search engines, there are times when none of the results can show them what to do other than the representative of the developer.

This service can help businesses boost their customers’ loyalty, prevent uninstalls, and possibly, increase sales.


Appointment and schedule management

Appointment and schedule management services are beneficial for business executives who need assistance in arranging their calendars. Through the centralized and systematic solution, incidents such as missed appointments — and even a bare calendar — can be prevented.


Billing inquiry

A billing inquiry service gives customers the option to check their balances, payment history, due date, or credit card statements using their devices.

Businesses that integrate this into their processes have a huge advantage because it offers convenience — which is what the modern world calls for.

The industries that need this service include, but are not limited to, the utility, banking, and other service-related sectors.


Claims processing

Claims processing is particularly laborious yet essential to the stability of the company. But instead of spending too much time doing it in-house, outsourcing it to a company that specializes in claims processing is the better move. This is one of the primary reasons for outsourcing anyway — to give employees more time to focus on the strategic side of the business, not on its labor-intensive tasks.


Customer service

Customer service, by definition, is the act of assisting the customers before, during, and after a transaction. It is a vital part of every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Businesses should ensure that they are present every time an existing or potential customer needs their service to make sure that they give them positive customer experience.

Contact center companies in the Philippines specializing in customer service are armed not only with the latest call center technologies, but they also have the best team of customer service representatives who possess admirable Filipino values — warm, empathetic, creative, flexible, and polite.


Direct response marketing support

Businesses that want to know the immediate response of prospective customers about their products or services can find direct response marketing support very useful. Not only will it give them valuable feedback and insights about their potential in the market but it will also save them the time of calling a long list of customers one-by-one. Through this service, businesses will be able to determine what works and not — enhancing those that work and eliminating those that don’t.


Dispatch services

Managing a transportation business is never easy. This is the reason why dispatch services exist.

Dispatch services aim to assist trucking company owners and/or operators with the back office aspects of their business. Some of the services they provide are the following

  • Finding loads
  • Managing drivers
  • Assigning loads
  • Customer service
  • Billing paperwork and collections
  • Issue resolution
  • Weather delays management


E-commerce customer care

E-commerce customer care is simply customer service for online shops. Its primary goal is to make sure that customers have positive experiences with their online shopping experience. Having an e-commerce customer care platform — be it through phone, live chat, email, or social media — is not only an effective strategy to boost sale but also a powerful marketing tool.


Email support

Email support is one of the most practical and convenient customer service channel available today. Though it does not provide the same timely response as telephone customer service does, it remains as a preferred channel. Clients can also find this helpful especially when they want to send confidential documents or discuss sensitive issues.

Along with the phone, live chat, and social media, email support is one of the necessary channels that every business should have.


Inbound sales

Inbound sales is a sales strategy that deals with a targeted audience. Its methodology focuses on determining the purchasing decisions of customers. It gives businesses the ability to create messages that suit the buyers’ interests.

Businesses of any sizes can surely benefit from call center service. And hiring a call center in the Philippines to do this task is a wise decision because it allows them to save costs while maximizing the end-to-end service processes delivered by Philippine-based BPOs.


Inquiry handling

Basically, inquiry handling answers customer queries about a business’ product or service. While it may sound simple, handling customers’ questions properly is a crucial factor of successful transactions. It is also one of the breeding ground of customer loyalty.

Service-focused businesses and those that introduced a new product in the market would greatly benefit from this service.


Interactive voice response support

“For inquiries, press 1…”

Ever heard this line before?

Interactive voice response support segments and routes callers to the agent who can give the best assistance. Its menu system is very basic yet effective which contributes significantly to a company’s cost reduction effort. It also increases the overall efficiency of the team.


Live chat support

Convenience and real-time support: this is the best features of live chat which makes it a crucial customer service tool.

E-commerce stores, in particular, should have this on their website to ensure higher rates of successful business transactions. Most of the time, online shoppers abandon their carts because they have a limited idea about the product that they are looking for. Having someone assist them real-time can help them come up with better decisions.

Brick and mortar stores that have websites should also make sure to have this feature.


Multilingual call center services

Businesses need to learn their customers’ language — figuratively and literally.

Multilingual call centers are at the forefront of globalization and business expansion of companies all over the world. It gets rid of the language barrier that hinders businesses from having proper communication with their customers.

Businesses that have a global operation or operate in a place that is populated by different nationalities should consider having this.


Order taking

The order taking process is very crucial because it is one of the first customer touch points that can determine the success or failure of a transaction.

Having a trained support team from local call centers in the Philippines helps businesses in minimizing, if not eradicating, order taking errors.

Online retail stores, restaurants, and fast food chains are the ideal businesses that can take advantage of order taking services.


Overflow after-hours support

Overflow after-hours support is a type of call center service in the Philippines that caters to businesses that need support during the peak season or the holidays. When nobody — or a relatively small team — is manning the phone during these times, outsourcing this service is a very smart move.


Reservations services

Reservations services are used to make a customer’s life hassle-free, which is a very important aspect of this instant-driven world. The businesses that need this are the following:

  • Hotel
  • Car renting
  • Spa and wellness
  • Restaurant accommodation
  • Travel booking


Technical support

As technology products increase, so does the need for technical support.

Technical support services can help businesses in terms of resolving user issues, building stronger customer relationships, reputation management, and damage control.

Some of the businesses that need technical support services are the following:

  • Technology companies
  • Software development companies
  • Video game design companies
  • Home appliance companies
  • Computer manufacturing companies
  • Repair shops
  • Audio electronics companies


Outbound call center services

Outbound call center services refer to outgoing calls made by call center agents. Prospective or existing customers are the common recipients of this call.

During this activity, call center agents will either sell a product or service, collect debts, conduct market research or surveys, book appointments, cross-sell, or upsell to customers.

Businesses that integrate this call center service into their operations can experience an increase in sales, leads, or overall bottom line growth.

The services that fall under this category are the following:


Appointment setting

Appointment setting, as the term implies, is a business activity which aims to increase sales by setting appointments between clients and end customers or dealers. It assists businesses in acquiring new clients.

To successfully set an appointment, agents can use different lead generation methods like cold calling, social media researching, customer segmentation, targeting approach, negotiation, network building, and the like.


Collection reminders

Outsourcing collection reminder services is a practical strategy that assists businesses in reminding their clients to settle their debts or payments. It speeds up the revenue cycle of a company and settles issues with customers.

This service is very beneficial to utility companies.


Data verification

Data verification refers to the process of checking the accuracy and consistency of the data. This service is perfect for businesses who had a recent data migration or whose data are already obsolete.

By verifying the accuracy of their data, businesses can have a smoother and errorless operation. There’ll also have fewer complaints from customers.


Lead generation service

A lead generation service is a powerful tool used to generate sales.

However, business owners can find the entire process — prospecting, organizing, and producing qualified leads —  as tedious. This is where call center services in the Philippines come in.

By entrusting this service, agents can sort out the long list of clients, call them individually, generate interest, and pre-qualify those who showed interest.

There are two types of lead generation service:

  • B2B lead generation – for business enterprises and corporations
  • B2C lead generation – for individual customers


Market research

Everybody can start a business.

But here’s the harsh reality: not everyone can succeed.

Starting a business out of nowhere, without careful consideration of the trends in the market or future innovations, is a huge risk.

Market research services help businesses prevent failure by determining the current behavior and needs of buyers.

Startups and companies that plan to release a new product or introduce a new service can greatly benefit from this.


Telemarketing and telesales

Telemarketing and telesales are two different powerful tools used to generate sales.

The telemarketing strategy is more like lead generation. It intends to provide information, generate interest, create business opportunities, make appointments, and yield leads. Meanwhile, telesales aims to sell products directly to customers.


Call Center Services in the Philippines

These are the services that call center services in the Philippines can offer. Some services may not be on the list yet. It is still best to discuss with a reliable call center company about your specific business need to know the service that can help the most.

If you have more question, or if you want to inquire about our service offerings, send us a message here.


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