Fb Pixel Use Inbound Call Center To E-mail Answers Which Cost $$$

Use an inbound call center to answer emails that cost $$$

Use an inbound call center to answer emails that cost $$$

It might cost your online business thousands of dollars if you fail to reply to e-mail inquiries quickly. Let your customer service call center do this critical task.

inbound call center for answering emails

EMAIL ANSWERING. With an inbound call center handling email replies, not a single business opportunity is missed.

Organizations with online businesses can be at risk of losing thousands of money if they fail to effectively manage their e-mails. Voice-based servicing can be tough but it may be tougher if you miss out on an unanswered inquiry found buried in your inbox.

In a previous marketing study made with some Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, it is found that the reply rates of smaller businesses are much higher than their large counterparts with a failure rate of 69%. Why? It is because out of 1,000 e-mail inquiries sent to these big companies, almost 700 were ignored. Another study made in the past year revealed 75% of online businesses not returning their e-mails.

Without a doubt, poor customer handling particularly on the e-mail department can hurt business and lose a good reason to post growth. You are in luck if the customer would try calling your inbound call center if his or her e-mail has remained unanswered after 48 hours. As much as possible, let us make this a rule of thumb: Leave no room for complaints about our service approach. If we are to manage our communication channels whether through voice or online chat, we do so seriously with all bases covered.

On the other hand, we may be the most proactive enterprise with respect to interaction and admittedly, there may be situations when slight delays in our response time may occur but definitely not too long to the point of oblivion! Customers have the right to know how soon and what manner will they receive written feedback from us.

  • As much as possible, inform customers about your “office hours”.
  • Plans for slowdowns like holidays and vacations should be announced too. Advisories like this will somehow give your customer an idea how soon an urgent inquiry will be answered. Businesses have an option to maintain customer service during office hours or 24/7. Regardless, reply time ought to be clear.

  • Rely on filter messages to sort out incoming messages.
  • Our inboxes can be littered with different kinds of messages and it is easy to neglect that goldmine mail somewhere. If you do message filtering, use it heavily.

  • Always make your replies professional and business-like.
  • No tolerance for grammatical or typographical errors. No procrastination.

Ensuring success in customer communications must be one of your ultimate goals. Help from an outsourced customer call center can reduce the times you delay in e-mail replies. Highly professional call center agents can take care of these e-mails and report them to clients. Business cannot afford missing out on these messages. If your business runs an e-commerce web site, the online channel is your window to the outside world. And the mails you could miss might even be a big contribution to your bottom line.