Usual Chat Support Services Outsourced

Usual Chat Support Services Outsourced

chat support services

chat support services


Magellan Solutions outsource live chat operators worldwide

The Philippines is already at 1 million employees and still counting. As a result, the country is being projected to increase employment in the incoming few years. This puts the industry as a priority of the Philippines Development Plan. Benefits are being mandated to keep the employee increase going.

Below are our live chat benefits that our clients have experienced:

  • Improves the support experience for customers
  • Helps with customer acquisition and onboarding
  • Agents build rapport with customers
  • Reduce repetition for your customers
  • Boost your customer service team’s productivity
  • Provides 24/7 support
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Gives you an edge over your competition
  • Live chat data helps inform product decisions

The commonly used live chat support services

It is important to answer any customer query through any channel of communication. Besides personal use, chatting has become a used communication channel for businesses. This is due to the web and tech preferences of customers. 

Customer Chat support

Customers nowadays prefer using web chat rather than making phone calls. We offer professional customer chat support services.  We assure quality service with our team of well-trained chat agents.

24/7 Chat support

Our round the clock chat services ensure that customers are being attended to by an agent. It has now become a norm for the 24/7 chat support services that are being outsourced. This is due to the after-hours requirement.

Website Chat support

Industries run most of their business over the internet. Thus, website chat support is a must-have feature on the business website. Outsourcing with us allows more focus on your main business functions. We also ensure that web customers are being provided appropriate customer care services.

Order Taking and Tracking Chat Support

Web chat allows questions to become possible sales. We also track orders placed by customers online. Then we give information to them via chat if they make an inquiry.

What to expect from our 24 7 live chat offer

  • When a chat starts, customers are immediately connected to your website. A website where we handle everything with care, just like how you would. The customers would not even know the difference on who handles them. We smoothly transition as an extension of your company.
  • Our live chat Specialists are experts in the field. They build rapport through unscripted and connection-building conversations. This, in turn, forms a long-term loyalty from the customers. They feel ensured that their worries do not go unnoticed. With our empathic agents’ answers, we get to assure them.
  • We guide your visitors to the next steps. We lead them to your  FAQs page and call transfers to your sales team. All while saving you time and saving your money and focus.

Why choose Magellan Solutions for your chat support team?

Looking for an outsourcing location? Do you need up-to-date technology and a rich talent base? The Philippines could be on your top list!

Magellan Solutions offers live chat outsourcing services to all kinds of businesses. We also provide multilingual customer support for foreign-language-speaking customers.

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