Fb Pixel Voices Carry


Each product or company has its “brand ambassador’. Hollywood celebrities, rap stars, athletes–usually big names and faces hired to get the public’s attention and close that sale. And more often than not, the strategy works. You don’t need to hire Angelina Jolie or Jeremy Lin to carry your Healthy Eating wellness center. In fact, you can start within your customer call center. Yes, your customer contact reps can be your company’s face (or in this case, voice) to gain and keep customers. How? The moment they pick up the phone, for instance, telephone reps should already be thinking “customer service”. This can be accompanied by a warm greeting, a sincere tone of voice, and friendly way of dealing with callers. A complaint or issue, meanwhile, should see telephone reps patiently listening to clients airing their grievances. Moreover, they should be with the customer every step of the way until the issue is resolved especially if you are selling gadgets and other products that require troubleshooting or help from a technical support call center. Even simple things such as answering cable subscription queries must be done with excellence in mind. It’s the little things that customers appreciate—and make them purchase or come back for more. Remind call center agents to think “customer satisfaction” and “customer service”. They are after all, your business’s very own brand ambassadors—the voice of your company.

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