We’ve Only Just Begun: Building a Two-Way Customer Relationship

We’ve Only Just Begun: Building a Two-Way Customer Relationship

Relationships, they say, are a two-way street. This connection between two people requires a bit of “give and take’ from each one. Without one or the other, the relationship would surely head for disaster.

Believe it or not, relationships are the key to a successful business. You’ve probably heard all sorts of talk about customer service, right? Well, the secret to successful customer service does, in fact, entail having a give and take relationship with your clients.

Mr. McKenzie recently bought a water filtration system from your store. Being the perfectionist that he is, it’s almost certain that he took the time to shop around and study each choice carefully. Moreover, he’s no spring chicken when it comes to matters like these, so we’re pretty sure he considered the store’s after-sales service track record in his decision.

It is just right, therefore, to reciprocate the gesture by giving him the best after-sales service possible. Be there when he needs you—such as keeping your customer service call center hotlines free, and having friendly telephone agents on hand to answer any questions he might have concerning his product. And take the time to send him a greeting card on special occasions to show him that he is a valued customer—a friend of your company.

Remember that customer relations don’t end after the sale made by agents in a call center—it’s only just begun. Take the time to build on this relationship. Who knows? This may just lead to a lifelong business commitment.


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