What Kind Of Customer Support Outsourcing Should You Have?

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What is the role of tech support in light of customer support outsourcing?

Technical Support is a kind of Customer Support that can be offered to customers.

However, not every business that offers customer support will offer tech support. 

Nowadays with the conversion to digital business, technical competency is much more mainstream. Customers want to have a great experience with your organization. They are interested in partnerships that go beyond the initial purchase. They want to know that you understand their goals and that you can help them accomplish them.

Choosing to outsource both supports to Magellan Solutions would give not only you but also your customers a better experience.

But does one weigh more than the other?


Having technical support service is essential

In any skilled field, you simply must have technical skills in order to do the job. 

For instance, we would not want a surgeon with limited ability performing surgeries nor would we want a technically incompetent mechanic repairing our aircraft engines. 

Similarly, it’s absurd to suggest that a company should hire IT personnel first because of their customer service skills with the idea that they can learn the technical skills on the job. 

Designing, maintaining, and supporting today’s complex networks, servers, applications, and desktop systems properly requires well-trained and experienced individuals. Technical skills come first.


Having to outsource customer support services is just as critical as tech support

Customer service and other collaborative skills are as important as technical support skills. 

Magellan Solutions’ innate people skills are what allow us to succeed in our niche and your business. Thus, technical skills may come first. But these skills only serve as the first part of the equation for career success in IT. 

In many of today’s best-known and most successful organizations, it’s your technical skills that will get you the first interview. It’s your collaborative skills, your people skills, which will get you the job.


Customer Service vs Technical Support: What’s The Difference?

Magellan Solutions’ customer care outsourcing services for SMEs is not just a collaborative approach to our people skills and technical skills. But it is also defining how different one support is from the other.

This is why we further discuss the difference of both kinds of support to help you decide which you need more.

Technical Support Customer Service
Skills Technical support representatives (TSR) must have a strong understanding of technology. Moreso, their communication skills must be able to explain complex solutions in a language that customers can easily understand.

TSRs need similar skills as CSRs. But they must also have a strong technical understanding and teaching ability to ensure customers get the help they need.

Customer support representatives‘ (CSR) primary skill set focuses on improving the customer experience and finding ways to alleviate pain points quickly.

CSRs are creative and out-of-the-box thinkers. They have top-notch communication skills which make it comfortable to talk to anybody.

Furthermore, they’re patient, kind, and do everything they can to make a customer feel both heard and valued.

Availability  Most customers calling in for tech support help are experiencing issues with a product that they can’t solve on their own. They need the help of an experienced representative and not just a general customer service expert. Available to every customer who needs it.

But CSRs may recommend or forward callers to the technical support division to further help the customer in question.

Focus Tech support focuses on fixing the customer’s problem as fast as they can. 

The quality of the customer service they render is less important than their ability to find the right solution for the customer’s problem.

Ensure that the customer is happy with the products or services provided by our clients. 

Moreso, each call focuses on creating a positive experience no matter how long it takes to find a resolution.

Outsource customer support services to the best BPO provider!

Are you considering outsourcing some of your support services? Then you better remember one main thing. The experience you give your customers makes up a huge part of your company brand. 

Clients we have worked with have enjoyed a high level of service. They no longer worry about the support coverage gaps that used to occur. 

Do you need a company with a smooth, effective customer support outsourcing experience? Leave us a message for more details!



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