What’s On the Menu? (A Look at Various Order Taking Services)

What’s On the Menu? (A Look at Various Order Taking Services)

The same can somehow be applied to the ever-growing customer care contact center industry. Aside from the usual voice calls, new and exciting services have evolved over the years. You’ve got reservations services, Campaign Management, and Live Chat. And of course, there’s order taking call center services.

As the name suggests, order taking services refer to a call center service that allows clients to facilitate various processes that deal with taking in more business. Such a service features various “sub-services” that can help customers avail of certain products or services.

So what’s on the “order taking menu”, you ask?

For starters (appetizers?), your growing business can avail of Applications and Claims processing. Call center telephone reps can make the tedious processing of insurance claims as simple as a phone call away.

Then you’ve got the “meaty” part of subscription services, as well as another service known as Feedback Collection. Not only can your customers enjoy easy access when subscribing to their favorite magazine title, for instance, giving their “two-cents worth” about last month’s issue is a simple call or click-of-the-mouse away.

So take the time to peruse the “menu”. There’s definitely an order taking service that’s suited to your needs (and taste?). Who knows? It might even come with a free dessert.


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