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What’s With the Offshore Buzz?

What's with the offshore buzzIt’s no secret that a vast number of companies have started to set up shop overseas. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear your buddies talk about their respective businesses having satellite or “offshore” offices way across the globe.

But what’s with all the hoopla about setting up shop abroad? Is it really a better business move?

Outsourcing your marketing and customer relations operations to an offshore call center, for instance, can pay off handsomely when it comes to those books. A quick comparison of the numbers reveals that an overseas office in the Philippines, for example, would only cost you a tenth of the money you’d spend on wages vis-à-vis domestic wages.

It isn’t about mere numbers, though. While the cost-effectiveness is amazing, you not only get a lot of savings, you likewise have a competent, highly-educated inbound call center team as your workforce. These college-graduate caliber workers can likewise help you in other areas beyond answering mobile phone device queries—they can even take on your IT and engineering needs.

And if you were to set up your customer contact center in the Philippines, you would also be getting a huge bonus—the world-famous Filipino warmth and hospitality—perfect for dishing out top-notch customer service.

Businesses can stop wondering what all the fuss is about by considering offshore outsourcing today. Companies might be missing out on something big.

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