Why Do Companies Always Hire Filipino Telemarketers?

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Why are Filipino Telemarketers better than the rest?

When we talk about the best in the call center industry, the first thing that comes into entrepreneurs minds are Filipinos.

Filipinos are talented, hardworking, caring, professional, the list can go on and on.

But let’s dig deeper into the facts and figures why Filipino Telemarketers are better than the rest. 


Numbers that Proves Filipino Telemarketers are Superior

There are a lot of talented people working at telemarketing services in the philippines.

But talent, attitude and other characteristics can all be superficial. Hence it is important to look at the facts and figures surrounding telemarketers and Call Center Companies in Metro Manila.

To make it simple, we’ve created a table comparing call center Philippines to other countries.

Countries Average Price Per Hour Literacy Rate English Proficiency Index GSLI
Philippines $6 – $8 98.20% High 5.96
India $5 – $9 74.40% Low 7.09
Pakistan $6 – $10 59.10% Low 5.37
Malaysia $7 – $10 93.70% Moderate 6.22
South Africa $15 – $20 87.00% Very High 4.06
United States $22 – $35 99.00% Very High 5.97
Brazil $25 93.20% Low 6.05
Mexico $25 95.40% Very Low 5.82
Vietnam $25 – $35 95.00% Low 6.05
China $25 – $40 96.80% Moderate 6.8
Bangladesh $25 – $35 73.90% Low 5.33
Sri Lanka $25 – $35 91.71% Low 5.52
Russia $25 – $35 99.70% Moderate 5.52
UK $25 – 50 99.00% Very High 5.97
Peru $35 – $40 94.41% Low 5.31
Romania $35 – $45 98.80% High 5.36
Australia $35 – $55 99.00% Very High 4.51
Argentina $55 – $60 99.00% High 5.15
Hungary $55 – $65 99.10% High 5.3
Poland: $60 – $70 99.80% High 5.63

Based on this list, it is easy to identify which country both excel in performance and price. But let us break it down further.


Call Center Experience Philippines

When we say that the telemarketing services in the Philippines are better than the rest of the world, that is no understatement. Just look at these figures:

Price to Literacy Comparison

Based on the table above, Telemarketing Philippines Outbound companies pride itself as the most affordable call center provider in the world.

Countries Average Price Per Hour
Philippines $6 – $8
India $5 – $9
Pakistan $6 – $10
Malaysia $7 – $10
South Africa $15 – $20

Still not convinced that it’s cost-efficient to hire telemarketer Philippines? Here is the current salary breakdown of agents working as agents on any Outbound Telemarketing Services Philippines:

Cities Experience Salary per Month (PHP) Salary per Month (USD)
Smaller cities No experience 12,000 pesos $270
Manila No experience 16,000 pesos $360
Smaller cities 1 year experience 15,000 pesos $335
Manila 1 year experience 18,000 pesos $400
Smaller cities Lower level management 20,000 pesos $450
Manila Lower level management 30,000 pesos $670
Smaller cities Higher level management 30,000 pesos $670
Manila Higher level management 50,000 pesos plus $1100 +

Not only that most Telemarketing Companies Philippines are the home of literate agents that can communicate effectively to clients.

Countries Literacy Rate English Proficiency Index
Argentina 99.00% High
Australia 99.00% Very High
Brazil 93.20% Low
China 96.80% Moderate
Hungary 99.10% High
Malaysia 93.70% Moderate
Mexico 95.40% Very Low
Peru 94.41% Low
Philippines 98.20% High
Poland 99.80% High
Romania 98.80% High
Russia 99.70% Moderate
Sri Lanka 91.71% Low
UK 99.00% Very High
United States 99.00% Very High
Vietnam 95.00% Low

Based on the literacy rate per country and the English Proficiency Index, the Philippines is at par with countries like the United States and UK.

In fact, the UN ranks Filipinos as the most literate in Southeast Asia.

Since quality of service is hard to determine as it varies across nations and industry; literacy and English proficiency is a good place to start benchmarking how good telesales company Philippines is in communicating with clients.

And by all means, a high literacy rate signifies stability. As UNESCO stated, a high literacy rate (or low illiteracy rate) suggests the existence of an effective primary education system that enables a large proportion of the population the ability to communicate properly.

In essence, a good ratio, like in the case of the Philippines, between Literacy and Price indicates a good quality in service and will probably yield a higher Return on Investment.

It is also a good indication on how capable telemarketing call center Philippines are compared to other countries.

Global Services Location Index  (GSLI)

The annual Global Services Location Index is a tool to help companies understand and compare the factors that make countries attractive as potential locations for offshore services. 

It measures the viability of countries as an offshore destination based on their financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, and business environment.

In the recent GSLI, Kearney writes that:

“Asian economies continue to represent seven spots in the top 10. India, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia hold the first four spots in the global services value chain again this year; Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand continue to hold their spots in the top 10 with minor changes in rank.”

Meaning, the report sees the Philippines as one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world.

Countries GSLI
Brazil 6.05
China 6.8
India 7.09
Malaysia 6.22
Mexico 5.82
Philippines 5.96
Poland: 5.63
Russia 5.52
Sri Lanka 5.52
UK 5.97
United States 5.97
Vietnam 6.05



Call center outsourcing Philippines meets all the criteria from literacy rate to GSLI.

In summary, affordability plus skills makes any outbound call center in the Philippines the better option among its neighbors.

Countries Average Price Per Hour Literacy Rate English Proficiency Index GSLI
Philippines $6 – $8 98.20% High 5.96

In addition to this, the Philippine government supports outsourcing companies as it helps the economy to grow. 

In fact, industry experts predict that by 2022, Filipino BPO services will cover 15% of the outsourcing market. Additionally, the industry expected growth is 9% annually for the next five years.

That is also why politicians are enthusiastic in creating progressive government policies.


How to Hire a Filipino Telemarketer?

Looking to hire Filipino telemarketers? Here is a simple 1-2-3 guide for you to keep in mind.


  1. Identify what kind of people you need

This might be the most simple, but this is the most important step. You must have a clear idea on the kind of people you need. And communicate these requirements to your call center partner.

With a clear job description, you should be able to discover at least 20-40 qualified candidates. But if you already have a BPO partner, this will be the least of your worries.

Of course, quality trumps quantity, so while your first candidate might be fantastic, it’s always preferable to have numerous applicants so you can pick and choose from them.


  1. On-boarding and training your new hire

If you’re only hiring one agent, you can probably get away with training them yourself.

However, if you plan to hire a large number of agents, you’ll need to build a training program. 

The simplest method to accomplish this is to share your screen with the first agent who goes through the procedure, film the training, and then disseminate it to all new agents that join your company.

But if you already have a BPO partner, they will help you with this process.

In fact, some call centers already have a standard procedure they can teach onboarding agents. That means, you do not need to go through a lot of things to make sure your agents are work ready.


  1. Get your systems and processes in order

Before you start your outsourcing journey, make sure your BPO partner and you have support protocols ready. 

Setting the KPIs is a good start in measuring performance. But you can use other software or tools to help you track productivity.

Some call centers even have QA analysts on board to check on the quality of calls and service.


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