Fb Pixel Why Go Social Customer Service? Here’s Why

Why Go Social Customer Service? Here’s Why

Why Go Social Customer Service? Here’s Why


Every day, more and more people seem to be joining the digital world. Even non-techie folks like Marge, for instance, are starting to discover the wonders of going digital, using email and staying connected through such devices as the tablet and smartphone—among others. So this somehow gives more leverage to the argument that you can use the power of the internet to help you with your customer service needs.

While harnessing email and live chat have long been a part of customer care, there is this growing trend towards using social networks to assist in the service—in the name of better “service”. An article by Tricia Morris of CustomerThink, which hints at the possible call center and customer service trends for the year 2014, cites social media as one of the biggest growing channels that companies will be using to connect with clients.

But why use Facebook and Twitter, you ask? For one thing, it helps you respond quicker to any client concerns. A Tweet, for instance, can be replied to in real time—or as soon as you are sure of the answer to the request or complaint. Remember that time is gold—and in this case, a client either satisfied or lost, depending on your response time.

Another advantage of using social media to attend to customer needs is that it can be done alongside other tasks. With social media, you can let clients post their rants and raves, yet still answer calls, send emails, or research on their concerns. Moreover, you can respond to the posts and tweets in between your tasks. Again, just remember that you should get back to them in a very timely manner—that is to say, as soon as possible.

And with Instagram and Pinterest easily accessible from any device, your customer care team has the flexibility to stay connected even if things go haywire. In the event that your office has a power interruption, for instance, you can still keep in touch with your valued clients. Talk about true 24/7, “always on” service.

So if you’re considering utilizing social media for your customer service call center needs, then think of folks like Marge. She could just be your next client. You may even help her become a tech whiz—via your Facebook support channel no less.

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