Fb Pixel Why is Customer Care Important? The Whole World is Watching

Why is Customer Care Important? The Whole World is Watching

Why is Customer Care Important? The Whole World is Watching

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The concept of customer service is as old as man himself. Well, okay, maybe not as old as humanity and creation, yet the whole idea of the interaction between a seller, shopkeeper, and/or service provider and a customer has been there for as long as man knew about and learned how to barter or buy goods and services. You could even say that the whole idea has been around long before the term “customer service” was coined.

Yet with the advent of the telephone, and subsequently, customer call center services, man has learned that customer care is an integral part of life in the business world. It’s not enough to offer kick-ass goods and services. You must back it up with equally stellar customer care.

But wait, there’s more. Remember Facebook and Twitter? Yes, two of the most popular social media platforms where, as of last count, some 23 million folks are part of the action (and that’s just the US membership count—on Twitter). It is these very same netizens who actually watch everything that’s going on not just on Facebook, but everything that happens around the world—on Facebook. Moreover, these very same folks will not hesitate to point out something that’s gone wrong in the world—for all the world to see and read about–via their status updates, link-sharing, or Tweets.

This is why it is very important for you and your company to give importance to customer service. Social media has been playing such a huge role in both the customers’ and companies’ lives that it has likewise affected the way they do business and interact with each other. American Express has even revealed that around 50 % of clients seek an actual response to their post or Tweet about a service; 48% share how great a job the company has done; while some 46% of customers vent their frustrations via the company’s social media page. In other words, the world is watching your every move so you better do good—or else.

So why not just stay “below the social media radar”, you say. This is even worse as you could actually be accused of not listening to or finding better ways to reach out to your customers. And just take a look at those numbers, specifically the positive ones about the 48% who praise a great job—you could be missing out on all this and then some.

So take your customer service—including your live chat and telephone call center services—to the next level. Get connected via social media and let the world see how you’re doing your best to give them the ultimate customer care experience around.