Why Not Offer Customer Care for the Weary Traveler?

Why Not Offer Customer Care for the Weary Traveler?

contact-center-servicesThe Travel Lodge—considered by many road warriors as a godsend where they can rest their weary heads after a long day (and night) on the road. For indeed, nothing beats a warm bed, clean running water for a hot shower, and a peaceful place to rest and recharge for the night.

Did you know that your traveler’s motel can get one over the competition by offering excellent customer service even before your guests set foot in your lodge? Thanks to the customer service call center, you now can.

One of the very first (and very important) ways to get started is to offer a toll-free hospitality reservations call center hotline—and actually answer it. Keep in mind that travellers often use their mobile phones to call out. So having a toll-free number allows them to check if you have an available room for the night, minus the worries of ballooning phone bills.

While you’re at it, remind your inbound call center team to check if the guest would want other extras to go with his or her room—like breakfast the following morning, an extra bed, or the like. Make things as easy as possible for them, so all they need to do is head for your place and check it.

So go ahead and welcome the weary traveler. Open up that reservations call center service today.

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