Fb Pixel Why Reservations and Front Desk Services Don’t Mix

Why Reservations and Front Desk Services Don’t Mix

Why Reservations and Front Desk Services Don’t Mix

reservations-and-front-desk-services-do-not-mixStreamlining—the term alone sounds slick. To a carmaker, this can mean making a vehicle svelte enough to “cheat the wind”, in the hopes of attaining better fuel economy. To a businessperson, to streamline essentially refers to cutting down on such things as equipment and more often than not, manpower—all in the name of cost efficiency.

While all this may sound cool and efficient, did you know that streamlining your hotel’s staff isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do? This is particularly true when you’re talking about combining reservations service with the front desk and concierge staff. In fact, it would even be better to have a dedicated reservations call center service to help you out.

If you’re rolling your eyes, wondering if we’re going bonkers, think about this for a minute: wouldn’t a dedicated customer service call center be more effective in bringing in clients, vis-à-vis an overworked team who has to juggle between a hotel full of guests, incoming and outgoing guests, and the aforementioned potential travellers? While they may be able to hack it at first, something can and will give somewhere along the way.

Instead of handling calls from guests ordering room service, folks who need a hotel car, families who are checking into the twin suite, and a reserving guest from Norway, the front desk staff can do well to simply attend to the hotel’s “in-house” guests while the reservations call center service team can definitely dish out excellent personalized attention to those folks who may wish to reserve a room or two at your hotel.

That’s right. The words for today are “personalized service”. This is the kind of care that will not just take down a guest’s room bookings, but the warm and friendly outsourced contact center agent can even check if Mr. Samuel might have other travel plans. Hence, Lily, the agent, can arrange for a hotel car to take him to and from the airport and even reserve the car for his personal use on certain days to go around town.

Needless to say, the less “stressed out” front desk and reservations call center teams can simply communicate and let each one know about each visitor’s plans for their stay. In the end, your guests will surely have a grand time as all they need to do is check in, knowing that everything has been taken care of.

Now, if that isn’t reason enough not to cut down, we don’t know what is.

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