Fb Pixel Will You Get “Social” with Customer Care This Year?

Will You Get “Social” with Customer Care This Year?

Will You Get “Social” with Customer Care This Year?

social media customer serviceSocial media is arguably one of the biggest phenomena to hit the internet since the web itself. Almost everyone you know most likely has a social media account like Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. It is so popular, in fact, that companies are starting to wonder if it could be a viable customer communication tool.

With around 25 million Facebook users in the Philippines alone, for instance, this market in South East Asia is a virtual customer goldmine. If you’re able to tap into at least half or even one percent of the customer base, you could be surfing on easy street in no time. “Facebook could turn out to be either, depending on your company’s approach”, says Chris Maxwell of BusinessZone.

So how do you make Facebook and other social media platforms work for you, rather than simply being a time-waster where you staff will find themselves playing Online Scrabble? Apart from having a social media page on Instagram, put in compelling content that will draw viewers to your page—and actually follow you. Why not put photos of your latest products, as well as photos of products actually being used by your customers. Invite clients to submit their funniest pictures or most creative pose together with your latest car model. It’s about making them feel that they’re part of your company.

Don’t simply promote your products and services on Facebook. You can even use the page to get your customers’ “pulse” on what they would want to see from your production or supply line. Do they want a Samsung Galaxy Note in Hot Pink? And it wouldn’t hurt to do all you can to fulfill their wish somewhere down the line.

And of course, make yourself available through these very same pages. Just like that always accessible toll-free contact center hotline of yours, constantly monitor the page for any complaints or concerns clients may post. This way, you can act on these in the soonest and most suitable way possible.

Yes, social media can be a very powerful tool in the world of customer care. Along with your customer call center, you can definitely keep in touch with your valued clients. Will you make it work for you this year?