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Your Support System

When going through a crisis, it is always best to have someone by your side. A “support system”, such as family and friends, helps ease the pain and anxiety we often feel while “in the dark.” And with someone to listen and help you through it, you’ll come out swinging, as good as new.

Customers who purchase a crappy product or experience lackluster service can be considered as folks who are in crisis. Your small business can act as their “support system” and see them through their woes. How?

Just like a good rehab program, this can be done by a step-by-step program.
The first step is to listen. Let them air out their complaints. A call center agent, for instance, can take down their concerns about the product or service. Apart from your customer service call center, you can likewise open other channels such as email, Live Chat, or even social media portals, making it easier to reach you.

Once you know their concern, look for ways to resolve the issue. And whatever happens, simply be there for them every step of the way. If the resolution cannot be done within a single call, for instance, see to it that you will follow up their issue within a reasonable time frame. This assures them that they’ve got someone on their side.

In the end, you’ll have a client with “renewed hope”. And they’ve got you to thank for it.