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Magellan Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of BPO solutions to accommodate all business’ back-office support. Its client list has been expanding each year and it has decided to up the ante and offer new ones. Magellan has very satisfied clients who have trusted the company with tasks on data entry or data processing, medical coding and billing, order processing, accounting, legal outsourcing, loans service, credit card processing, loan and credit card debt collection, applied engineering, and social media customer care.

Data Entry

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Data entry or data processing is accurately converting a document or information to another form, usually a computer database. For example, some companies may send in tons of folders or tons of PDF files that they would like to be used to fill up their Excel sheet. This is because when everything is in folders or in PDF files, it would be quite difficult for them to actually sift through the pile just to be able to get what they want. Plus, checking on the statistics and all the numbers can be a tough one.

Magellan Solutions is a company that offers data entry or data processing to companies and businesses that need such service. It is a very important job and all companies should invest in this one. When a business or a company has an updated database, everything would be easier to go through. Some companies do not have a database yet for such information however, the company can work on that and give them on. Other companies have already created a computer software wherein it has been designed according to their purposes. Magellan Solutions can also work with that.

When a business or a company invests in data entry or data processing, they can be assured that all work is done in a timely manner. This also means that they would not have to deal with an outdated database. They also would not have to worry about having to spend on in-house data entry or data processing staff. Outsourcing this job would be the best way with Magellan Solutions doing the task for them. Everything would be done according to how you want it to be. It is a worthwhile investment and you would be able to see just how well the task is done when it is given back to you. Maintaining an updated and a clean database is a very important part in running a company’s operations.

Medical Coding and Billing

Outsource a healthcare service or project

Although medical coding is the closely related to medical billing, they are not the same. Medical coding refers to the process when the person doing medical coding will go through a patient’s documentation and would put in the right codes. He or she would also work on the claim that should amount to the fee that the patient would have to pay.

On the other hand, when it comes to medical billing, it is the process wherein after the medical coder puts in the right codes and checks the documentation of the patient, the medical biller would be the one to process the whole thing. He or she would them file the proper documentation to claim any funds that can be received by the patient through their medical or health insurance.

It is important to keep in mind that a medical coder and a medical biller may be two separate people. However, it is also very possible that one person can do these two jobs.

When you outsource this kind of task to Magellan Solutions, you can be sure that all of your company’s and business’ documentation would be properly coded and billed. Work would be done meticulously and work would be done well. It is very important that when it comes to this kind of task, the people doing this should be very meticulous and should have quite the fascination for detail. It may not seem like too much work but one error can cost you and your business a whole lot of money.

Invest in the right people at Magellan Solutions and you would not have to deal with training because these people are skilled and have already gone through the appropriate training to do the job and to do the job well.

Order Processing

Outsource an order taking or order processing center

When a customer calls in to place an order, the whole process does not stop there. What happens next is known as order processing. Order processing is all about working on all the other needed steps so that the customer’s order can be sent out and delivered. This is a whole new process. Most people believe that order processing already stops once you place that order. However, that is not the case. Those who take orders are just one team. Those who work on the orders are yet another.

To think that order processing is fairly simple has yet to change that thought. Once you are in the order processing division, you would see that there are still many tasks involved in this. You have to make sure that all orders are done correctly and that the customer is able to receive just what he had called in for. That should complete the cycle. It takes a whole lot of time and it also takes a lot of attention to detail to be able to accomplish this well. Most businesses are still trying to create a really smooth process where everything should flow smoothly and the orders delivered at the soonest time possible.

Magellan Solutions has a whole team of skilled individuals who have a good background in doing this. It has also been able to refine the whole process so that things go smoothly and everything can be checked quickly. Oftentimes, customers need to be updated on what is happening to their orders and so it is quite right that you can provide them with the current status of the orders. Once a customer is able to receive the item in the fastest time possible and with everything right, a company or business can be sure that this individual will become a repeat and loyal customer.

Accounting Services

Outsource accounting services

Accounting is a very important job in a business or in a company. This is because this is how the owners know if the whole operation is doing well or if it needs improvement. This is how the owners see the ins and outs of their money and see if they are also earning well. Accountants balance the books and that means that every single cent must be accounted for. This is not an easy job especially when you are dealing with really huge companies with plenty of transactions coming in each day.

Magellan Solutions has under its roof a bunch of accountants who are well trained to do this kind of task. They can do the work well and they can do it under pressure. Most companies outsource such accounting tasks only when it is needed and that means a lot of time pressure for those working on the books. However, with the accounting team of Magellan Solutions ready to work and used to doing this kind of thing, they can easily work on the whole lot and give you the results in a timely manner.

If you are not used to balancing books, it can be quite a very difficult job to do. It would mean having to deal with all the ins and outs of the finances of the company. The list of categories that an accountant would have to deal with should include accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, and also payroll. A lot of people are not used to dealing with numbers and it can mean having to deal with a lot of mistakes. However, once you trust the right people to do this job, you can be sure that all tasks would be done well and that there would be no mistakes in the whole thing.

Legal Outsourcing

Outsource a legal service or back office

Legal BPO Solutions work can mean spending tons of hours just for one case. That is why there are plenty of companies who have decided to do legal outsourcing. Legal outsourcing is all about having other companies outside of the country to do the legal work for them. Lawyers and their firms need not spend tons of hours doing the work themselves. They also would not have to spend a lot of money to hire workers and provide them with office space. The companies doing the legal work for them would be the ones to provide the workers and the office space so that means a lot less hassle on their end.

Most of the legal work that is outsourced include all of the tasks that are needed for a case that does not necessarily mean person-to-person meetings and consultations. Lawyers can outsource all the needed work and the results be sent back to them. This means that the lawyers can do all of the other important tasks that he has at hand so he can work his cases better. The list of tasks that are usually outsourced and part of legal duties include reviews of documents, research, transcription of proceedings and hearings, writing of legal documents, as well as creation of drafts of briefs and pleadings.

It is highly recommended that firms should outsource their legal work to trusted companies to help them save on time and help them save on finances as well. Magellan Solutions has a huge team of legal workers who are well versed when it comes to all the legalese that comes with these tasks. The team is ready and willing to work on all the needed tasks so as to help the firm do better. Work is done in a timely manner and all details are given proper attention.

Loans Service

Outsource loan collection and other loan services

There are companies that offer loans to their clients. These are the companies that people usually go to when there is a need for funding. For example, the bank offers you to take a loan if you already have an account with them. And then there are those companies that offer mortgages, services, and car loans. Of course, there is an agreement between the one that offers the loan and the one that takes advantage of it that interests and payments should be on time. However, this can be quite a huge job for the company itself. That is why there are loans services offered by Magellan Solutions.

When it comes to loans service, this one is all about doing the dirty work of reminding the clients about their loans and the interests that they have to pay. It can quite a tedious job because you have to check and to contact each one so as to be able to communicate with them regarding what they owe the company that they borrowed from. There would have to be different documents regarding each loan and each individual because each loan should have different terms and conditions and payment schemes. It means that it should take a whole lot of time for the company if they are going to do it themselves.

Magellan has the well being of companies in mind when they offered loans service. By offering such, the company can focus on the important details of running the company and other core tasks. Magellan Solutions would be the one in charge of communicating with the individuals who have taken loans from the company that outsourced the job. They would be the one to deal with making sure that the interests and dues are paid on time and that the files regarding these loans are updated.

Credit Card Processing

Most people are now using credit cards for their transactions. There is no surprise to that as a credit card can be quite handy and also means that you do not have to carry a lot of cash with you especially when making huge purchases or if you would be going out to party. All you need to do is whip out your very slim and very handy card and you can get the item or service that you want.

However, what a lot of users of credit cards do not know is that processing of all your credit card transactions take some time. This is because there are two phases to the whole deal. The first is authorization and the second is settlement. Companies that offer credit cards need to have the help from other people to be able to process all of their clients’ transactions.

The authorization phase actually is all about making sure that the transaction that has been done is legit and is not something done fraudulently. This is a huge deal and a matter that needs a lot of time. You have to make sure that everything is in order before it is authorized. As per the settlement phase, this is the part where the sale or the transaction is then processed. During this stage, the person working on the account should make sure that the funds are then transferred from the credit card company right to the merchant that had the transaction.

With the tons and tons of credit card users and transactions done every day, it is highly important that things are done in a timely manner. With that, companies are now opting to go with outsourcing the whole credit card processing task. Magellan Solutions Inc. has already seen that this would be a need and that is why they have already created a team of skilled individuals who have been trained well and trained hard to be able to do this task well and do it perfectly. It should mean being able to save a whole lot of time on doing these things. Plus, outsourcing such a task means cheaper rates as compared to hiring a whole in-house team to do the dirty job of credit card processing.

Loan and Credit Card Debt Collection

For companies that offer loans and credit cards, one of the top ways for them to earn is through the interest that the borrowers pay. However, there are times when these individuals who take advantage of the loan or the credit card oftentimes forget to pay what they owe. This can lead to a lot less income on the business’ end.

This is a very ordinary situation for companies that offer such services. That is why these companies go ask for help from businesses who offer loan and credit card debt collection. Magellan Solutions is one of the top companies to outsource to when you need help with loan and credit card debt collection as it has proven itself that it can do the job and do the job well. It has a long list of clients who are more than happy to recommend Magellan Solutions to other businesses who do need such service.

Hiring your very own team to do loan and credit card debt collection can be quite expensive on your end because it would mean having to spend for the salary of each additional employee you get. You also have to spend on materials, on resources, on office space, and on training. However, outsourcing this task to Magellan Solutions Inc. would help you save up because they would be in charge of the training and the materials. It is also a lot cheaper to outsource than to hire in-house employees.

Magellan Solutions’ team of loan and credit card debt collectors have been well trained to do this kind of task and have proven to be good workers. They have worked with various companies already and have done the job well that these companies continue to go to them when it comes to this job.

Applied Engineering

Applied engineering is a fairly new branch when it comes to business process outsourcing. Not a lot of companies offer this. However, Magellan Solutions has seen the importance of applied engineering and so it made sure that it is on top of things and decided to offer it to the market.

So what exactly is applied engineering? Well, applied engineering is actually more about skills and technical matters. It is about how design management is done when it comes to new products. It also is about how the right technical skills are put to use when it comes to creating new products that would be sent out to the market. This is what applied engineering is all about. It can be a pretty fancy word but it definitely is fancy because it does mean a lot of time spent on working on the product that would soon be hitting the shelves.

The tasks that go with applied engineering do not only end there. The list includes making sure that all the systems involved the process flow smoothly. It also involves working on possible designs of new products and see that they are brought to life. Applied engineering also means having to deal with checking the whole process and making sure that everything is working just right. If there is a need to change something to make the whole process better, then applied engineering should be the one to work on that.

Magellan Solutions has a good team of individuals who have been trained well and have done work involving applied engineering. They have been tapped to do this for your company if there is a need for you to outsource such tasks. Outsourcing should help take a lot of very important time off your hands so you can focus on new designs, if there is a need to. The team would be the one to work on the “dirty” stuff for you.

Social Media Customer Care

Outsource social media management

A lot of companies believe that customer care is just about making sure that customers’ needs are attended to via phone calls or through email. However, the changing of times and the fast growth of technology has made customer care evolve as well. Now, consumers are going to social media to contact companies or businesses that they are interested in. This is something that you should not forget to focus on. Customer care on social media is still customer care and it is where a lot of your customers are talking to you now.

Customer care via phone and email may be quite expensive if you in-house them. This is the same case when it comes to social media customer care. That is why businesses are looking for ways on how to save up on money without having to make do without customer care. That is why the company found it fitting to provide outsourcing services for social media customer care. The company has a strong list of companies who have tried out what this is all about and have been working with Magellan Solutions ever since they started.

With Magellan you can be sure that all the important messages from customers are properly dealt with and they are focused on doing that well. Responses are well-thought of and they are given in a timely manner. A delay in responding to a customer can be fatal to a business as it can spark the ire of that customer and create a worldwide rage with other customers who have the same issues. You can avoid that with Magellan Solutions and its team of well-trained and expert social media customer care individuals.

These people have been doing this job for years already and are considered to be the top people in this industry.

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