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Outsource Your Data Cleansing to Us!

Data cleansing (also known as data scrubbing) basically includes data analysis and existing data review. This process is essential to businesses in order to check for incomplete records, invalid entries, and duplicates. Usually, data cleansing is rather carried out before changing databases or CRM systems. Given this valuable task, Magellan Solutions is here to offer our expertise in data scrubbing to clients across the globe.

Outsourcing data cleansing and data scrubbing services is the best idea for each and every business. Why? First of all, it can save a big amount of time that you can take advantage for other useful and important matters. Secondly, it can as well help you trim down your operating costs drastically. Our company is well-known for its excellent data cleansing, data scrubbing and, data verification services.

What likely will happen when you’re in a situation as a business owner where you have plenty of data of potential clients and you are set with the direct mailing campaign afterwards – then you realize that the database was in fact that of your supplier information after you send promotional mailers to hundreds or thousands of prospects? Now that’s trouble… very big trouble.
Mistakes like this sometimes happen unintentionally with several of your databases. Therefore, it will cost you and your business some unimaginable damage. Now this frequently happens when data and databases aren’t regularly updated and organized too often. Good thing is, you can always get help and find ways to prevent this from happening. Data cleansing is the answer, and this service will provide the key for glitches located in your databases’ information.

Having an accurate database requires thorough maintenance given that your business holds huge and important information. Magellan Solutions data cleansing services offers trouble-free answers to maintaining your data error-free and updated in order for you to make use of it in business campaigns and sales promotions. Our company provides well-organized and first rate data scrubbing services to guarantee that your databases are infallible. We do the maintenance and updating of records of your customers, partners, even your competition, or any extra data that is stored in your business’s database.

Why outsource your data cleansing services to Magellan Solutions?

• Magellan can cleanse your databases, check for data accuracy and eradicate and incorrect duplicated entries as well as incorrect entries.

• Magellan Solutions follows a strict policy in terms of security & discretion. We guarantee about the privacy of your data.

• Magellan offers its data cleansing services in a range of schemes depending on the nature of data at disposal.

• Our data cleansing professionals can merge numerous data sources so as to facilitate a trouble-free access to your data.

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