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Medical Transcription Services in the Philippines

Magellan Solutions offer medical transcription services to hospitals, healthcare institutions, multi-specialty clinics, and physician practices from around the globe. We can process large quantity healthcare transcription requirements with immense accuracy and speed. Our company assures you reasonable pricing along with unparalleled medical transcription services. Our company has built a status on the highest principle: To provide quality service to clients that have developed to embrace large and small multi-specialty clinics, individual practitioners, emergency room and ambulatory care centers and a lot more.

Magellan Solutions allows hospitals and providers to outsource an important and very critical business process – medical issues. Outsourcing medical transcription services will lessen costs, and it will boost the quality of medical documentation exclusive of those extra capital funds. The company’s healthcare outsourcing services allow health and medical providers to extensively trim down internal resources needed to administer medical transcription. In this manner, it increases the focus on important business matters such as patient care. Our company aims to help organizations during implementation procedure and through all transcription services, making sure that cost, quality and turn-around targets are accomplished.

Magellan Solutions also offers a well-planned method to boost efficiencies and improve reimbursement by modifying from services to technology. Our company uses ultra-modern speech recognition software platforms to deal with high-volume and the most intricate narrative records. The original physician account dictations are sent as tremendously precise, formatted drafts for extremely trained medical language expert’s assessment and edit. Our excellent speech recognition software significantly improves medical language experts’ efficiency and output. We are driven to help our clients to achieve cost-effective, competent, and dynamic solutions to their transcription and records.

What we deliver

• 24/7 phone and email support
• Nine years of experience handling contact center and BPO services
• Telephone, digital handheld and speech microphone
• 100% highly skilled medical transcriptionists, operations and administrative support
• Review track documentation with every report
• Transcribed documents available in Word, PDF, RTF or HL7
• 128-bit SSL encryption
• Intensive and quality review of reports
• STAT turnaround
• Easy to use web-based technology & full training and support
• Focusing in exclusive practitioners to large multi-specialty clinics
• Tailored solutions, including a medical billing & coding partner
• Affordable rates with no additional fees
• No long-term contracts

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