Partners Inc. is Asia’s leading content service providers to mobile and landline carriers, having pioneered products such as interactive trivia games, mobile raffle promos, interactive SMS TV and mobile coupons. Located in Manila, Philippines , imGAME is at the heart of the world’s biggest SMS market.

As the leading content provider in a market that processes more than 200 million text messages per day, imGAME has unparalleled experience and expertise in an industry that analysts from the Asian Wall Street Journal are dubbing “the most promising in tech applications”.

imGAME provides consumer companies the edge in conducting innovative, measurable and cost-efficient promos using our mobile and landline promotions platform. Besides promotional games, imGAME community members also get discounts to their favorite restaurants, hotels, and airlines-also from their mobile phones.

imGAME has expanded to China and Taiwan , and soon will also expand to Malaysia , Spain and other countries, bringing mobile magic to the rest of the world.