5 Ways A Call Center Can Make Or Break Your Business standard

There is an ongoing evolution of how people view call centers. Initially, many thought of call centers as just an extension of a company’s administration office, and nothing more than an answering service provider. But as the call center and business process outsourcing industry became more competitive to meet the ever-changing demands of businesses, that...

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Outsourcing vs Hiring In-House Staff standard

You and your competitors have probably wondered about the same thing: when it comes to certain tasks and business functions, should you outsource or hire your own employees? With all the reported benefits of outsourcing, many startup entrepreneurs and established companies are considering outsourced services, if they are not yet already engaged with it. If...

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How to Totally Outsource the Call Center Needs of Your Startup standard

Outsourcing is known to reduce costs, and cost savings count the most for startups, which run on seed money. Regardless of how much funding you have to work with, a bit of prudence won’t hurt — so consider outsourcing voice services to a call center that can get the job done at a fraction of...

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6 reasons why outsourcing a call center can work for your business standard

New to outsourcing? Still wondering if it’s the next step for your business? Here are 7 reasons why outsourcing a call center can work for your business. 1. It increases efficiencies within your business Philippine call centers have decades of experience under its belt, which means its workforce can foresee and respond to every imaginable...

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8 Reasons To Love Our Inbound Call Center Solutions standard

As a small to medium-sized business owner, you might have already considered outsourcing inbound call center solutions at some point. As your customer base grows, your company will have to be in a position to handle more incoming calls. This means having enough trained agents, as well as having the right infrastructure. If you’re still...

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Increase revenue through utilizing existing customer base standard

Most businesses spend the majority of their resources on getting new customers that they tend to ignore their most prized asset: their existing customer base or network. “It is cheaper to retain than acquire a customer,” says 70% of respondents from Econsultancy/Responsys Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2013 In the same report, 49% of the respondents recognized...

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How can call center outsourcing help a business in making profits? standard

For over a decade now, call center outsourcing has become a go-to process for every business because of its benefits. So how do call center outsourcing help a business in making profits? 1. Call center outsourcing saves a business from the hassle, big cost, time, and effort of investing on in-house call center technology and...

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