What Are The Effects Of Outsourcing Jobs To The Philippines? standard

A growing number of entrepreneurs and companies worldwide are outsourcing their non-core tasks to offshore locations, particularly the Philippines. Dubbed as the new call center capital of the world, this Southeast Asian archipelago proved to be a reliable provider of world-class customer service and other specialized professional services. In exchange for the superior quality of...

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4 Easy Steps To Improve Your Communication Skills and Be An Effective Customer Service Representative standard

Regardless of the career path or business industry, the most successful professionals share one similarity: excellent communication skills. In the bustling call center and BPO industry, it is always the case that the most effective customer service representatives possess the most advanced communication skills. Considering that their job role requires hours of non-stop communication with...

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Boost Your Business With These B2C Lead Generation Ideas and Strategies standard

With an ever-increasing population of buyers and consumers, one may think generating qualified leads is an easy task. But owing to the gradually fierce competition and the overwhelming information and distraction vying for your consumers’ attention, business owners and marketers have a task that seems insurmountable. Thankfully, there are a number of proven b2c lead...

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Got A New Job As A Call Center Agent? Here’s What To Expect If You’ve Been Hired By A Call Center Company In The Philippines standard

Call center companies in the Philippines account for employing over a million Filipinos in the present day. This number is expected to still rise as the government targets 100,000 more hires this year. This sunshine industry attracts many Filipino job-seekers, majority of them young, fresh graduates, with their competitive compensation and benefits package. But there’s...

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Looking To Hire Call Center Employees? Here Are Interview Questions You Should Ask Your Applicants. standard

Applicants to BPO jobs are many, but to hire the right candidates, you need to know which questions to ask during their job interviews. Call center interview questions are different from other industry’s job interview questions because there is a certain skill set, knowledge, personality and values that call center employees must possess in order...

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