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Why You Need Certificate Intelligent Document Processing?

For a growing company, keeping up with the surge of certificate request can be difficult. Especially when you are just a small company, with limited people and resources to utilize. Certificate Intelligent Document Processing comes in handy in this situation as it allows you capture information faster and turn it into actionable data, certificates or documents.

We realized that a document-intensive company like yours need easy, affordable and professional support. Not only that, you also need a BPO partner that can sustain quality of work.

We understand how hard it is to provide stellar service to your customers, that is why at Magellan Solutions our focus is to provide you with document processing solutions. By streamlining workflows, optimizing transactional document, combining robust classification and categorization, we can ensure a higher quality of work with less cost and time.

With our flexible pricing option you can certainly afford to enlist our help. To add to that, we are also an ISO 27001-certified, HIPAA-compliant, and GDPR-compliant company. You can ensure that protection and security is always at the top of our work.

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Our approach to Certificate Intelligent Document Processing

Work with a result-driven company who are dedicated to giving you the best Certificate Intelligent Document Processing result possible!

Before we talk about price, we want to share with you the benefits of picking us as your BPO partner. On top of our flexible pricing option::

  • we exhaust our resources to find the best agent to help you with your needs.
  • we make sure that all of your staff will have complete equipment, tools, and office space upon onboarding.
  • we have an in-house quality assurance team that can oversee the operation for you.

We guarantee that by outsourcing your Certificate Intelligent Document Processing service needs with us, you will look nowhere else anymore. .

Data Encryption

Our Certificate Intelligent Document Processing offers encryption and securitization on sensitive business and personal information.

24/7 Document Processing Operation

Never miss an opportunity with our dedicated team of skilled agents that can work for you in shifts, all around the clock.

Cloud-Based Storage

WIth our cloud-based storage, administrators can customized access to documents. Admins can set how long documents can be viewed and manage its access via record logs.

Data Validation

All data are checked and validated as we start to process it. We use advanced technologies such as ATP to automate repeatable processes and huge volumes of information.

Flexible Pricing

We allow flexible pricing options to any businesses in the industry. So whether if you are large or an SME company, you can still outsource your needs to us.

Improve productivity and effeciency by embracing smart solutions

Give us a call and we will discuss with you how we can optimize productivity by combining technology, strategy and skills. Our Bussiness Development Team is always ready to welcome you. Let us talk about your ideal KPIs and SLAs. And we will share with you our flexible pricing option, after.

Our Current Benchmarks For Certificate Intelligent Document Processing

Commitment To Service Delivery

Experience error-free results in a fraction of the time with our high-quality Certificate Intelligent Document Processing service.

Around the Clock Services

Check your employees anytime with a 24/7 Certificate Intelligent Document Processing operation.

Outsource to the Philippines

Outsource your document processing needs with business process outsourcing capital in the world, the Philippines!

ISO-Certified Business Process Operations

Magellan Solutions complies with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and HIPAA guidelines to ensure the security of your sensitive company data.

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What is Certificate Intelligent Document Processing?

Certificate Intelligent Document Processing is closely similar to what they call Intelligent Document Processing or IDP. IDP is service wherein data coming from images, e-mails and documents are converted into an organized, usable information. Basically, IDP solution automates tasks like data entry, information validation, and document sorting. The difference between Certificate Intelligent Document Processing and IDP is the former focuses mainly on certificates.

Although, certificates look like its an easy thing to do but making one actually requires meticulous checking and inspection.

For one, you must ensure that business or person that will received the certification earns it. You must check for their credentials and requirements. Creating the actual certificate takes a lot of time as well. All the information should be correct and all of the security features must be in place.

That is why it is important to hire a Certificate Intelligent Document Processing team to help you with your needs. By outsourcing them to a specialized BPO company, like Magellan Solutions, you are allowing yourself to decrease the heavy workload and improve work efficiency almost instantly.

Why Should you Outsource you Certificate Intelligent Document Processing Services?

Outsourcing can bring you limitless possibilities with your business process. Here are some of the well-known benefit of outsourcing your services:

  • Allows more time to focus on core tasks
  • Lower costs
  • Promote growth
  • Maintain operational control
  • Offer staffing flexibility
  • Provide continuity and risk management
  • Develop internal staff

What Certificate Intelligent Document Processing credentials you should look for?

As you can see, there are too many indicators you can check. It can be the company size or its capacity. But the best way to quickly know if the company is trustworthy is look at its credentials.

A good company will qualify to high-quality certifications such as HIPAA Compliance Certification, ISO certification and GDRP.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. U.S. federal law enacted it in 1996. The intention of HIPAA is to reform the healthcare industry by simplifying processes and improving privacy and security of information.

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It is an independent nongovernmental organization, and the largest developer of voluntary international standards in the world. Look for companies that are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified because that means they have a systematic way to protect data.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The European Parliament adopted the GDPR in April 2016, replacing an outdated data protection directive from 1995. It is also the most strict credentials to pass.

How much do Certificate Intelligent Document Processing costs?

There is no fixed amount on how much Certificate Intelligent Document Processing costs. It all depends on what type of service you will get and the number of people you want. Usually, the set performance benchmark affect the pricing as well.

Launch Your Certificate Intelligent Document Processing with us

Do you need to decrease your workload? Do you want expand your resources? Do you need to increase the quality of your business? Our Certificate Intelligent Document Processing can help you with all of it.

1. Let's talk objectively about KPIs

Tell us what is your target and KPIs, and let us work together to achieve it.

2. Let us talk about the people you will need

You tell us what is your ideal team, and we will source them for you.

3. Let us move forward together

Not only we can do Certificate Intelligent Document Processing for you, we can do a myriad of services as well. If you ever need help with your sales or customer service, you can reach out to us to expand our partnership further.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Certificate Intelligent Document Processing for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Certificate Intelligent Document Processing?

    For businesses that do need to process myriads and myriads of certificate requests, the whole thing may seem quite simple but it can also be quite difficult to do.

    When you only have one or two requests to finish, it would definitely be fine. However, there will be times when the requests come rushing in and there seems to be no room to breathe.

    See, certificate processing is one of the latest outsourcing services that Magellan Solutions is offering business, and this is because the company has seen the really tedious process that one has to go through before going ahead and approving that request for a certificate.

    Why Magellan Solutions?

    With Magellan Solutions and its team of certificate processing service agents, you can be assured that each and every request would be given proper attention and the whole thing would be done in an orderly and timely manner. Errors would not be a part of the whole thing as it can be quite a hassle to go through the whole process again in case someone files a complaint.

    The agents that Magellan Solutions has are quite the best at what they do. These individuals have been carefully chosen and have been trained well on certificate processing services. They also know how to properly handle customers and clients. These people are professionals and they make sure that all the tasks provided to them are done well as mediocrity is not part of the language that the company uses. By choosing to go with Magellan Solutions, you can be sure that you would be getting the help that you deserve without having to shell out a huge amount of money for that.

    Certificate Intelligent Document Processing procedure

    By outsourcing Certificate Intelligent Document Processing services you will be able to save up on money and time because you will no longer need to send human resources for training as well as buy the necessary equipment. When you outsource, you instantly gain access to all Certificate Intelligent Document Processing services for a justifiable and cheaper price.

    1. Receiving the request

      Receiving the request for a certificate may seem to be quite easy. However, there will be those requests that are ordinary and regular requests that may take days to complete. On the other hand, there will be those requests that are urgent and need to be done immediately. So working out the whole request list should be a task in itself.
    2. Doing the research

      Before you go ahead and process that request, you have to make sure that you check everything on that form. Is everything in order? Are all the needed information and all the requirements already included? Sometimes, you still need to do the research on the company’s database to be able to check if the person warrants a certificate. If not, then the request is denied.
    3. Working on the certificate

      Now that everything is in order, you have to make sure that you work on that certificate. It is not just your run off the mill certificate where you simply have to replace the name. There will be other pieces of information that you may need to replace or to edit out. Checking to see if everything is in order should be quite important.

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