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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Retail Account in BPO?

Retail BPO specialized in providing the necessary workforce for the retail industry. With the changing behavior of shoppers plus the advancements of the modern era. Businesses are now obliged to build a strong foundation for online customer service.

Customer service influences buyers to pledge their loyalty to the business. That means awful customer care repel shoppers away from the firm. Product service is a big problem for many retail stores.

Customers can expect to have a positive relationship with your brand with a retail BPO. Our dedicated team of agents can help you increase customer loyalty. If they are happy with your product and service, expect good reviews and more customer inflow.

How does Retail BPO work?

Having a retail business process outsourcing firm gives you an advantage. It is a value-adding service to your company that helps you be competitive in a digital world.

Retail outsourcing eases the hurdles of retail work. We help to equip your company with competent and skilled agents who work together to meet your goals.

Having enough people will help you contend with other retailers and secure dominance.

But how does BPO and Retail BPO work?

All successful business arrangements start with a relationship. You should find a BPO company that shares a similar philosophy and culture with you.

A BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is a popular business practice. BPO is when processes of a firm are being performed by outside parties on a contractual basis. Companies do this as a cost-cutting measure as it is more cost-efficient. If we compare it to hiring your own people to do specific tasks.

According to statistics, businesses say that they benefit a lot from having a BPO firm. As an example here is the statistics of Microsoft State of Global Customer Service. It shows that:

  1. 58% of customers say that customer service affects their choice of brand.
  2. 61% say that they have stopped transacting with a business because of poor service.
  3. 48% say that they stopped doing business with the brand in the last 12 months due to bad customer service.
  4. 59% say that they have higher expectations for customer service than a year ago.
  5. 70% say that they have favorable views of brands that are proactive to their customer
  6. 59% prefer brands that respond to customer service inquiries and complaints.

These numbers illustrate the service standards when it comes to business process outsourcing. People don't want a mediocre customer service experience anymore. They want immediate solutions to concerns and 24/7 convenience.

That is why call centers have to provide top-notch services. If the company values their customer’s time, they will support you to success.

Retail Business Process Outsourcing works the same way as any other BPOs.

A retail BPO can take over certain business functions to make the end-to-end job easier. When done right, retailers can experience higher revenue growth and operating performance. 

Things will only work out, though, if the store hires a BPO company that's committed to its vision and mission.


What Services Fall Under Retail BPO?

Retail is a diverse industry. Hence, BPOs that serve it should have a manifold of expertise.
There are countless activities that your employees do every day. But not all tasks make use of their actual competencies and skill set. 

BPOs can handle the tasks that you think are integral to your success. We can hire people suited to what you want. We can help you manage menial jobs, so your employee can focus on value-adding tasks aligned with his skill set.

Below are some of the popular services requested by clients.

  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Order Processing
  • Social Media integration
  • Digital marketing and digital support
  • Supply chain solutions
  • Revenue Management
  • Data Entry
  • Logistics

In essence, you can give BPOs any tasks in any of the two categories: back office and front office. Back office jobs are usually admin tasks. These are activities that are important for the business's process stability. 

The back office describes all jobs that do not generate revenue. People who do back-end tasks consider themselves as "support" to the company. And these include practices such as: 

  • Accounting 
  • Human Resources 
  • Sales Recording 
  • Compliance Officer
  • Corporate Planning
  • Information Technology

Meanwhile, front office jobs are tasks that generate revenue for the company. It is usually a large team consisting of client-facing roles. Here are a few examples:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Receptionists
  • Cashiers
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Business Development
  • Marketing

These departments are interdependent with each other. That means both are important. That is why choosing which side to outsource is a big deal to many.

Advantages of Having Retail BPO Services

Technology is transforming retail as we know it. It is now far more than brick and mortar stores.
Retail embracing the digital world means that it is now capable of spawning a lot of information. From buyer's activity to which product is more visited. Retail shifting to the internet makes data their most trusted ally in business.

But, the store's generated information needs managing as well. And there are many aspects of retail that need improvement.

Retail BPO comes in to fill these needs of improvements. BPOs are your company's best alliance in handling business data. Not only that, here are some examples of why hiring a BPO is an advantage to your company.

  • It helps in improving your response to risks and losses.
  • It allows you to have a team of expert agents who can provide insights to your company.
  • It betters the productivity of employees.
  • It enables you to have the capability to provide services through different channels.
  • It helps you to reach out to customers and increase their loyalty to your brand.
  • It allows you to have a dedicated team of agents for a lower cost.
  • It lets you get skilled employees all over the world. 
  • It gives corporate executives time to do their assigned tasks.
  • It allows you to be flexible with resource management.
  • It helps you handle bulk orders.

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