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Outbound Telemarketing Services

  • Online shopping is on the rise while a pandemic is happening.
  • Generate optimum ROI with our quality outbound telemarketing services.
  • Gather pre-qualified leads ready to become as paying customers.
  • We provide real-time reporting to track lead quality and optimize performance.
  • Why Outsource to a Telemarketing Call Center?

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    Skilled Telemarketers

    We train our telemarketers to determine the customer pain points and offer products or services that address their needs, thereby getting genuine market interest.

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    Fast Onboarding Process

    To achieve the best results out of our partnership, we develop customized processes that fit your requirements. We start it with you and we do it fast.

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    Cost-Effective Telemarketing Services

    Reach out to a wider market without the need to spend more. Get our value-generating telemarketing services to receive valid and convertible leads.

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    Constant Sales Coaching And Consultation

    In our efforts to give you quality service, we provide sales coaching and consultation to see what we can do to improve the performance of your accounts.

    For 14 Years, We Have Helped Businesses From These Industries

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Education
  • Food

  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance

  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Media and communication
  • Real estate

  • Retail/E-commerce
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Travel

  • Our Core Markets

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is An Outbound Telemarketing Service?

    It is a type of call center service that aims to help businesses in getting the interest and attention of their target markets. As a proactive sales strategy, agents make outbound calls to a list of customers to offer products and services. Many businesses utilize this sales method to increase their market reach and conversion.

    How Effective Is An Outbound Telemarketing Call Center?

    A campaign can increase productivity and elicit immediate feedback from prospects. This direct interaction allows sales agents to ask questions, listen to customer needs, and address any pain points that may arise.

    This sales method has proven its value in the field of business and commerce. Companies, both big and small, rely on this marketing tool to boost their business growth.

    What Are The Reasons To Get A Filipino Outbound Telemarketing Service?

    On average, you need to make 18 calls to connect to a buyer. As the number of calls you make increases, so does the number of successful transactions. Filipino telemarketers can help you make hundreds of calls in a day. Their sales expertise, paired with knowledge in customer service, allows them to deeply understand your prospects’ needs. In return, they can offer your products and services based on those needs.

    Outsourcing in the Philippines is also cost effective. You can save more while receiving quality sales service.

    Who Can Benefit The Most From Telemarketing Services?

    Telemarketing is perfect for businesses that want to increase their sales effort. Whether you belong to the consumer goods sector, manufacturing industry, telecomm, banking, or any type of industry, you can use this to achieve a healthier bottomline.

    How Can You Guarantee The Success Of Your Telemarketing Accounts?

    Right from the beginning of our partnership, we follow certain procedures that give us the confidence of hitting our goals. First, we will coordinate with your concerned department to gather all the information about your pain points, existing processes, goals, and budget. Second, we will determine the qualifications of the telemarketers that we will hire. Third, our certified trainers will train qualified candidates in the following areas:

  • Soft-selling
  • Determining customer pain points
  • Generating consumer interests
  • Proper ways of persuasion
  • And other industry-specific practices

  • Last, we will have a regular audit and quality assurance checks on the calls of our telemarketers. This is to ensure that we are committing to our agreement of delivering quality leads to your business. Of course, this partnership will surely work with your full cooperation with us.

    What Do You Need To Start?

    To make our service more proactive, we will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Scope and limitations of the job
  • 360-degree information about your product or service
  • What to say and not to say to your prospects
  • Benefits, related promos, or discounts
  • Company background
  • List of frequently asked questions to serve as our guide in providing information
  • How Experienced Are Your Telemarketers?

    The skills and experience of our telemarketers vary. During the recruitment stage, we consider the complexity of the account and the nature of your business. Most of our telemarketers have impressive portfolio while the others are still newbies.

    Do You Use Any Particular Software?

    Yes. We use various software like Zendesk, NetSuite, and ViciDialer to streamline our telemarketing efforts and reach more customers within a shorter time frame.

    How Much Do Your Services Cost?

    There are certain factors that we consider when determining the cost of our telemarketing services:

  • Length of our partnership
  • Agent level
  • Local labor market rate
  • Number of seats
  • Add-ons (software, infrastructure, etc.)
  • There's so many factors that affect call center pricing. We suggest you speaking to our Business Development team to get the exact price of the service that you need.

    Do You Accept Commission-Based Projects?

    We only an hourly-rate per agent, not commission-based projects.

    Are You Willing To Start With Small Accounts?

    Before opening an account, we require a minimum of three (3) seats. Any account with less than that number goes to our shared services account.

    How Much Do Telemarketing Companies in the Philippines Cost?

    We calculate our prices based on these factors:

  • The number of sales agents you need
  • Their level of expertise
  • The length of our partnership
  • The labor market rate
  • Outsource Telemarketing Services to the Philippines

    Maximize your resources by outsourcing time-consuming tasks. Along with our lead generation services, reach a wider market through telemarketing. Discuss your needs by clicking the button below.