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Outsourcing Cold Calling Services

  • We have sales professionals who are knowledgeable about the cold calling guidelines and valuable information about your products or services.
  • Our quality sales scripts help establish a connection with prospect customers that can create a huge business opportunity for you.
  • Outsourcing cold calling services to Magellan means access to superior cold calling techniques built in 14 years.

Why Should You Outsource Cold Calling to Magellan?


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cold Calling?

It is a type of service that will help you connect with your customers in the most efficient way in an attempt to convince potential customers to purchase products or services. Also known as selling outsourcing services, it is a technique used to contact a potential customer who had no prior interaction with a salesperson.

What are the Types of Sales Cold Calling Services?

Magellan Solutions offers two cold calling services:

  • Appointment Setting - The process of dedicating a day and time for the prospect and the salesperson to discuss the product or service. Call centers are the ones to schedule an appointment based on the availability of both parties.
  • Lead Generation - specifically B2B. It is creating opportunities for potential businesses with a prospect at many levels. It includes those with varied interests such as “call me in 6 months” or “send me some information,” etc. Contact centers help in achieving business goals as we have the right people, technology, and processes to deliver an outstanding customer experience for your clients.

Laws about Outbound Cold Calling

Using cold calling techniques, you must adhere to the following laws to avoid being subject to hefty fines.

  • Do Not Call List - Cold Callers who previously called and do not want to be contacted are required to put in their “Do Not Call” registry.
  • There is a time frame - Cold callers are only allowed to call you between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Any call received beyond that time is considered illegal.
  • Establish Identity - Cold Callers should introduce themselves and explain the reason for making the call.
  • Honesty is the required policy - Know that the Securities and Exchange Commission requires all cold callers to be truthful.

Magellan Solutions adheres to these regulations. You can trust us that we conduct our services ethically.

Why Outsourcing Cold Calling is a Good Idea

If you don’t want to dedicate most of your time doing cold calling, outsourcing is your best option that is cost-efficient. It helps increase your revenue and expand your market share as it levels up your productivity. It helps you focus on the core of your business.

Selling Outsourcing Services as an Enabler

Think of the main purpose of your business. Any task that is directly related to it is your core function, while non-core functions are those that are not. These non-core functions are the type of services that you can outsource.

How do we sell outsourcing services? For us to be successful in selling outsourcing services, our sales skills are consistently higher. It requires longer time as customers tend to have more questions when it comes to services compared to tangible products.

Outsourcing Cold Calling in Philippines

Capture your customer for the first time with Magellan Solutions’ cold calling services. We have established a high level of scalability that will help your business grow.

We have sales scripts that tweak from account launch until we perfect it. We do it fast and with the help of our quality assurance team. If you want to have a superior cold calling process, outsource it to us!