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We are the #1 Mobile App Customer Service Provider for SMEs. We can improve the quality of your in app user support by implementing several strategies that will benefit your consumers.

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Why Do You Need to Outsource Customer Support App?

Outsourcing your customer service web app reduces the possibility of users uninstalling your application. You can interact with users whenever they have comments or suggestions through the app support team. Besides that, you can also sort out comments and document all the recommendations.

You can improve your in app user support by documenting their feedback and use it as a basis to improve and update your application. There are so much potential that awaits if you are developing mobile applications by just getting a customer care app team. All you need to do is to look for the right BPO company.

For starters, you need to check the ability of the call center company to deliver excellent customer service app features despite the rapid changing of technologies. Your outsourcing partner should adapt to any innovations you are planning for your application.

That is where Magellan Solutions come into action. Our technical desk mobile support is so outstanding that we have more 100+ monthly inquiries for our contact support assistance. Not to mention our 17+ years in the BPO industry as one of the leading outsourcing providers for SMEs.

Safety of your information is our top priority. That is why we are implementing strict security protocols to protect your sensitive information. We have a certification from ISO and HIPAA-compliance as a proof of our fortified data privacy regulations.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Call Center Company and BPO Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines for your mobile app customer support services today!

Our approach to mobile app customer support

A better user interface should be your main goal when outsourcing mobile app customer service

Although our flexible pricing is one of best selling points, you should also check out our world-class customer care app team. They can perform well under pressure and can provide excellent mobile application support regardless of the situation. Here's how we do it:

  • we hire people that passed our strict screening process in regards with customer service and crisis management
  • we conduct further training to sharpen their customer support skills and provide possible solutions to problems they might encounter.
  • we assigned quality assurance personnel to monitor the agents performance in accordance with the KPIs you set.

Expect a better user's interaction when you outsource your mobile app customer service. You will gain more insights from your customers that you can use in optimizing your service.

24 7 Mobile App Customer Service

Your users may come from different places with different time zones. Hire people that can entertain your users' inquiry round the clock. Our agents can definitely do it using strategic shifting schedules.

In App User Support

Use our in app user support team to resolve issues that involve your applications. Your customers can definitely benefit from this service as they no longer need to wait for you about their app-specific inquiries.

Android Customer Service App

Hire people that have expertise when it comes to application development. This way, your user can talk to someone that can actually help them with their issue. Our team can definitely provide you this competence towards app knowledge.

Mobile Application Support

Get a team that will support your mobile application in anyways possible. Our people can discuss technical issues with customers, check your application for any possible bugs, and improve the user interface of your mobile application.

Technical Desk Mobile

Your users can talk to our agents whenever they have technical issues about your mobile application. Additionally, we can create a feature on your application where they can directly contact us using different channels instead of just calling customer service hotline.

Your success is just right around the corner! Improve your service by outsourcing a mobile app customer support team

Our Business Developers will give you pointers on how outsourcing can benefit your mobile applications. We will set up the KPIs to monitor the progress of our operations. Your customer will experience a better user-interface by interacting with our professional customer care representatives. Once we've done planning out the whole thing, then we can start discussing the price for the service.

Our Current Benchmarks For Mobile App Customer Support

Professional Mobile App Customer Service Agents

Our agents have years of experience in taking care of customers inquiries from different sectors. You can use this to establish your identity as a mobile app developer that listens to their users.

Fast Onboarding Process

We know that time is essential when it comes to customer service. Your users might end up uninstalling your app if they feel you're taking time solving their issues. That is why we made several techniques on how to resolve several users problem in a timely manner.

Affordable Customer Support Service

As we support SMEs operation, we don't have any minimum requirement before working with you. We know your operation doesn't need large number of people as of the moment.

Top of the Line Security Protocols

We are always making sure that our data security is updated to prevent malware and phishing schemes. On top of that, our agents are well-trained in handling your sensitive information. We guarantee that no information will disclosed outside our facility.

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Mobile App Customer Support

Technical desk mobile allows developers to get an opinion from users on how to improve their phone application. An app support team can document all of these suggestions and forward it to you for your reference. Besides that, in app user support develops a great relation between you and your users.

It will help you as a web developer in focusing on updating the application instead of worrying about mobile app customer service. The mobile app support provider can give you necessary information you need to improve your service. They can filter the surveys and document everything that you need to know.

What is Mobile App Customer Support?

Just like a normal customer support team, your agent will assist your users in resolving issues about your applications. From reporting bugs to troubleshooting the app, your tech support team will help them in any way possible. They can report back to your if there is any issues that they are unable to resolve.

How Much Does Mobile App Customer Support Cost?

The total price of the service will actually depend on different factors. For instance, the number of people you need will affect the final amount. The service you need also influences the calculation of the price. Beware of companies that have a minimum requirement for the number of people that you should hire before they can provide you the service.

What are the Different Types of Mobile App Customer Support?

Some mobile app developers outsource their customer service to a BPO company to provide more flexibility with their operations. They can also outsource other services like the actual development of the mobile applications. Some outsourcing vendors offer assistance when it comes to updating their mobile app. They have expert developers to assist you and they will base the upgrade on the suggestions gathered by the in app user team.

Is Mobile App Customer Support Good for Startups?

The life of every business are their customers. This is also similar in developing mobile applications. That is why it is important to have people that will interact with your users and ask them to further improve your service. You should base all of your innovation on their feedback.

Launch Your mobile app customer support services with us

Planning to improve user-interface for your customers? Looking for a team that will entertain all your users comments and suggestions? Our customer service team will provide you an excellent customer care support. It will let you focus on more pressing matters like upgrading your mobile applications.

1. Let's talk objectively about your targets and KPIs

Our Business Success Managers will discuss with you what outcome you would like achieve. We can exchange ideas on how to improve your business using this metrics. Monitoring your progress will lead to better results for your company.

2. Tell us the ideal sales team you have in mind.

Part of your KPIs is about hiring people that will work for your company. We trust your intution when it comes on hiring people that will operate your omnichannel customer support.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

Your success is inevitable. Once we achieved our goal, let's talk about business expansion.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Mobile App Customer Support for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Importance Of Providing Customer Support To Mobile Apps

    Mobile app users experience technical difficulties every once in a while. If left unresolved, there’s a chance that they will uninstall the app to look for a better and more responsive one. Providing great customer support in real time does not only guarantees a stronger customer base but also a steadier business growth.

    Why Should You Outsource Mobile App Customer Support?

    Creating an in-house customer service department costs higher than outsourcing support services to an established call center company. Aside from reducing your expenses, outsourcing also saves you time and effort. It also gives you access to call center infrastructure, office space, and well-versed support teams.

    What Else Can A Call Center Do For You?

    With its regular quality assurance processes, a call center can regularly check the quality of service that the agents provide. It can also help you compile the common questions from previous customer data. You can use it to create a knowledge base which can further enhance customer experience.

    Reliable Customer Support For Small Businesses

    Mobile app users experience technical difficulties every once in a while. If left unresolved, there’s a chance that they will uninstall the app to look for a better and more responsive one. Providing great customer support in real time does not only guarantees a stronger customer base but also a steadier business growth.

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