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We are the #1 Check Processing Services Provider for SMEs. We ensure a smooth and error-free business check processing support you may require. We strive to achieve 100% accuracy when you outsource check printing and mailing from us.

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Why You Need Online Check Writing Services

Outsourcing your automatic check processing, automated check writing, and check printing mailing services can help streamline your check processing with precision and speed.

We incorporate check payment process automation using top-of-the-line technology and tools. This is our pledge to ensure we deliver only the best check processing requirements for your business. Double the time, less the payment.

We understand the hassle and costly investment to set up your in-house check printing mailing services. Let us support your needs in whatever forms you can think of. You require, we deliver.

Our professional check processing experts are adept at this particular service and can deliver all in a moment's notice. Sounds impossible? Try it today, so you'll know why we are the best!

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Check Processing Services Provider in the Philippines for your check requirements today!

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Our approach on Check Processing as a Service

In check processing, precision and accuracy is the top priority. Let your business take advantage of these, only with us

We can design business check processing solutions that will suit your business and requirements. We are familiar with typical and rare problems related to check processing services and we are here to address such problems for you. Aside from flexible pricing, we offer the following value proposition to our clients:

  • we hire check processing experts that can work seamlessly with automation tools for faster turnaround time
  • we provide exclusive solutions to your check processing problems with our human-technology integration
  • we have quality assurance system and managers in place to safeguard quality, ensure target KPIs and benchmarks are met

See the difference of once you outsource check printing and mailing services from us. Our check processing teams only has one goal in mind, meet your requirements.

Check Printing Services

Our business development team can create solutions package for your required check printing services. We can offer multiple check processing services and assign dedicated teams to deliver just what you need.

Online Check Writing Service

We can deliver check-related solutions to your business with speed and accuracy. We stay updated with the current technology and tools to ensure we can process your checks with precision.

Check Processing Services

We know there is no universal process but we can create one just for your business. We can promise one thing, deliver your desired output.

FISERV Credit Processing Services

We understand your dire need to look for a good end-to-end credit processing solutions. We employ only the best personnel with in-depth knowledge in financial discipline. We use the latest software and tools with airtight security in place. Security is guaranteed when you outsource with us as we are ISO 27001-certified, GDPR, PCI DSS compliant. We are here to protect your information, the same we protect ours. Rest assured.

Outsource Payment Services

Processing tons of payments is quite tedious and you wouldn't want your valuable team to drown from that. Let them focus on their core competencies while you are assured no disparity on the financial side of your business.

Precision. Security. Accuracy. We do check processing services with these in mind. No room for errors. Always.

Once you avail our services, you will notice what makes us difference. We don't offer proposals just to do business with you. We offer solutions to your longstanding check processing problems.

Our Current Benchmarks For Outsource Form Processing Services

Skilled Forms Processing Specialists

We continuously train our skilled forms processing specialists to stay updated with tools and processes for a faster turnaround time while maintaining quality results.

Fast Onboarding Process

To achieve the best results out of our partnership, we develop customized forms processes that fit your requirements. We start it with you and we do it fast.

Industry-grade Tools and Technology

We make sure we only use the best and latest technologies when it comes to forms processing. We make sure our specialists are trained and can work in-synch with the latest innovations.

Constant Process Improvements

In our efforts to give you quality service, we improve our processes and ensures our specialists are motivated, skilled, and trained. We do this to show our dedication to provide only the best services you can think of.

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What Is Check Processing Services

Check payment process is a time-consuming task for both small and huge companies. But someone still needs to do this to ensure proper automated check writing. That someone could be us with our excellent automatic check processing solutions. Improve your company’s efficiency and minimize your costs by getting the help of our detail-oriented check processing specialists.

We pledge to deliver satisfactory check printing mailing services in-synch with our check processing specialists and the tools we use. We assure your check printing services are protected and we think of its security as one of our top priority.

What is Outsource Check Processing Services

Outsourcing your form processing is cost-effective and time-saving. Different outsourcing companies also offer tailor-made services to fit your needs. However, looking for a BPO company that offers quality service is challenging. Make sure that you select the best provider that can guarantee you of accurate forms and fast turnaround times.

How Does Automated Check Writing Work

Check writing is an important task but quite tedious. Manually doing so is counter-intuitive and waste resources such as manpower and assets. There are tons of software to automate check writing but this pose another challenge for SMEs as you need to train or hire staff that are familiar with such software. Outsourcing this particular service free your business from such problems. All the while you are assured your outsourced staff are knowledgeable to do this specific tasks for your advantage.

What are the Check Payment Process

Checks are proofed, encoded, read or captured, sorted and batched. This is the same processes whether you outsource it or not. For SMEs with limited manpower, this could be challenging as accuracy is of utmost priority. A simple error in checks can result to dire consequences, not to mention, legal repercussions. BPO companies that offer this specific service has experience and uses automation tools to eliminate such occurrences.

What is Outsource Payment Services

This is the process of contracting your payment services to a third-party provider. Such provider employs talent with financial degree or experience who understands its processes and discipline. Also they utilize tools to automate processes and has infrastructure to ensure the system is working to deliver excellent payment services.

Outsource Form Processing Services With Us

Is it a pain to draw conclusive reports from unorganized data and information? Is it tedious to digitize paper documents? Lack the ability to hire additional in-house help to create a comprehensive database for your business? Look no more as we can address all your pain points, even those that are not mentioned!

1. Let's talk about your form processing services.

Let us know the issues you want to address within your business. Got no idea on what kind of services to solve such issues? We can design solutions that will surely address them. All with your guidance and proper input. This is a two-way communication and we value your guidance.

2. Tell us the ideal form processing teams you have in mind.

We mainly hire based on the ability to enable results. We have an in-house training and quality assurance department that can measure that ability to ensure your requirements are satisfactorily met.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

We dedicate our best manpower and resources to our clients, every single time. As you improve your overall business processes and performance through our support, let's explore even more services we can serve you. Think ahead and utilize our best services to your advantage.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Outsource Form Processing Services for small and medium businesses globally

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    Any organization that processes a huge number of forms daily can make use of form processing services. Some examples are hospitals, financial institutions, government agencies, schools, e-commerce businesses, and many more.

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    Quit bothering yourself with repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Outsource forms processing services now. Let a team of dedicated professionals process your forms.

    Magellan Solutions’ forms processing services are ISO-certified, it undergoes a strict quality assurance process. We regularly update our clients about the progress of the project. Because who said outsourcing means you’ll no longer have control?

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