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  • Source and hire Filipino talents fitting your requirements.
  • Manage your employees while we take care of hiring, payroll and admin.
  • Go for a BPO with ISO 27001 certification.

Why Go For Virtual Staff Outsourcing?

Hire Top Filipino Talent

Using our intensive sourcing and screening guidelines, we shortlist the best candidates in the market who will work for you remotely.

Full Administrative Support

While you are managing your virtual employee, our HR department is also working full-time in processing the payroll, taxes, and other necessary paperwork.

Best Value Virtual Staffing Solutions

Eliminate the extra costs of recruitment and IT work. The Philippines’ cost efficient labor costs makes it possible to hire competent virtual staff for half the price vs what you’d typically pay in your home country.

Commitment To Service Delivery

We regularly review our HR processes to make sure that we provide your remote staff the administrative support that they need to improve their work productivity and well-being.

Guaranteed Data Protection And Confidentiality

Magellan Solutions strictly complies with and implements the ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS to guarantee data security and confidentiality.

System And Office Infrastructure

Our office space and system integration are readily available for use. We are also open for add-ons such as bandwidth upgrade and extra software use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Employee Leasing or Staff Leasing?

Employee leasing, also known as staff leasing or virtual staffing, is the act of “hiring” an employee through a professional employer organization (PEO). The difference between staff leasing and traditional hiring is that when you lease employees, you won’t have to deal with HR tasks such as payroll.

Why Staff Lease?

It can be summarized in two points. There are a lot of reasons why companies choose to lease employees:

  • Less Paperwork
  • The PEOs you lease your employees from will assist you with tasks such as human resource management, payroll and taxes, time and attendance, retirement plans, and more. Not having to worry about this saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your company.

  • Increased Benefits for Workforce
  • Virtual employees have more benefits. A staff leasing company can purchase group health insurance or life insurance at a discount for these employees.

Staff Leasing Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of staff leasing vary depending on your internal preparations and the virtual staffing agency that you have chosen to work with. To give you some ideas, here are the pros and cons of this type of business arrangement.


  • Leasing employees through PEOs allow you to focus on other aspects of your company that requires your attention while you leave the HR paperwork to the PEOs.
  • The additional benefits for the employees to encourage them to stay instead of looking for work in other companies. This makes it easier to keep valuable employees while at the same time, attract new talent.


  • While there are freelancers for cheap, the majority of the Philippine populations like to work in teams, it’s just in our culture. It’s best to hire 3 or more virtual employees to maximize their productivity.

What To Keep In Mind When Hiring Virtual Staff?

Filipinos are very particular about job titles. To attract the best talents, you need to be precise on who you are looking for. While there’s a huge probability that you’re thinking that this person should be an all-rounder, paying close attention to specific skill sets can benefit you more in the long run. Once you hire the right person, you can conduct relevant training (the staff leasing company can also do this on your behalf) to enhance his or her competence and ability to handle multi-faceted roles.

Before starting this endeavor, it also helps to read outsourcing guides to increase your knowledge about this kind of business setup.

How Does It Work?

To get started with virtual staff outsourcing, you need to provide your requirements such as:

  • Clearly-defined key responsibilities, skills and experience, and KPIs of the employee
  • Number of employees
  • Needed software

After this, the recruitment team will source and screen (interview and exam*) qualified candidates. Once the results are ready, we will onboard your chosen candidates and provide everything they need.

Your remote employees will report directly to you while we handle the HR stuff.

* The recruitment team will short-list candidates based on the results of the initial interview and the exam (which you can provide us). After this, you can interview each candidate to allow you to choose whom you like to work with.

How To Choose The Right Staff Leasing Company

The following are the factors that you need to consider when choosing a staff leasing company.

  • Flexible
  • Up-to-date payroll taxes and insurance premiums
  • Administrative competence
  • Industry experience
  • Track record
  • Compliance to government-mandated laws such as the fair distribution of wages and benefits
  • License or registration

Pricing Model

Here is the sample formula that guides us in determining the cost of our staff leasing services:

Employee salary (base salary, government-mandated benefits and taxes, health insurance) + flat fee (infrastructure, support services, add-ons) = staff leasing cost

Why Staff Lease in a Philippine Company?

Leasing employees from PEOs in the Philippines costs much less compared to leasing employees from PEOs based in the U.S., Europe, or Australia. Magellan Solutions is a company based in the Philippines. Here, we are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service at a very reasonable price. Contact us now to get started!