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Education Process Outsourcing

We provide top-notch education services for SMEs. Focus on your teaching methods and improve administrative services through the help of a BPO education center. Enlist the help of experts when you do outsourcing in higher education to enhance the delivery of your education services.

Why Do You Need Executive Education Business Process Outsourcing?

The BPO education center can handle your non-core education administrative tasks. It enables your staff and educators to focus on delivering high-quality education to your students. One of the most challenging areas of education delivery is handling administrative and back-office tasks. Do not let it affect your institution. Ensure you are on top of these things as you contract these non-core tasks to us.

Incorporate outsourcing education services into how you run your educational institution. Relieve your staff of back office tasks like data entry for your student records and enhance your student registry management system.

Outsourcing education saves you from challenges because of seasonal spikes in enrollees and admission-related problems. Never let a sudden surge of students throw you off track once you start outsourcing higher education.

In dire need of enrollment assistance? Let your higher education call center handle that for you. You can get excellent services from live agents who take the time to understand how you deliver your education services. Let your educational experience extend to your students and stakeholders.

Keep your best foot forward as you set your institution above the rest. The ingredient to be different? Outsource education services to us!

Partner with the top-notch SME-focused education process outsourcing provider in the Philippines for your education front and back office requirements!

Our Current Benchmarks For Education Process Outsourcing

Our Approach To Education Process Outsourcing

When it comes to education, an efficiently run and learning-friendly environment makes a huge difference. Become one today

We understand you require different services at different times. We can provide you with whatever you need. Our 17 years in the industry enable us to offer flexible outsourcing education services to our education sector clients. On top of flexible pricing, we offer the following value propositions:

  • We hire knowledgeable back-office talents that you need for your tedious and repetitive administrative tasks.
  • We offer outsourcing in higher education packages with custom-fit solutions based on your requirements composed of the best employees and the latest tools to deliver your needs.
  • We assign your quality assurance managers to ensure they fulfill and achieve the SLA and KPIs, respectively.

You can expect a significant difference in how you run your educational institution once you establish a partnership with a BPO education center like us. Never let your non-core administrative tasks drown and distract you from delivering high-quality learning experiences to your students.

Why Education BPO Is KPO?

This particular service employs staff with an education degree or experience in this particular sector. It is the combination of tools, technology, and human intellect that deals with everyday processes and tasks related to the education sector.

Education BPO

Various services fall under Education BPO. These are call center services to provide admission and enrollment assistance, data entry and student registry database management and maintenance, appointment setting, and virtual assistants to handle the front office requirements to cater to students and stakeholders.

Outsourced Education Services

These services often include front-office and back-office administrative tasks. It is where operation is optimized to ensure tedious processes are handled properly. It could include management of online enrollment and ensuring the student registry is up to date. Create yours today with security bundled with it.

Higher Education Call Center Services

There are tons of factors at play in delivering high-quality education. One of these is the ability to handle queries and assistance to students and stakeholders even after school hours. This particular service enables your educational institution to handle such scenarios with ease. You can get the expertise of live agents who knows how to navigate your sector.

Focus On Your Core Strength: Teaching. Streamline How You Run Your Educational Institution. Stamp It With Efficiency And Speed.

We know the challenge of delivering satisfactory services, especially in the education sector. Use this strategy and gain its benefits. Our business development managers want to get to know you better so they can come up with solutions to suit your needs. We can agree on something: enhanced processes and performance.

Skilled Back Office Talents

Our talents have in-depth knowledge of administrative processes exclusive to your sector that you may require. Our unique and industry-accepted training methods ensure the quality and speed of their output delivery.

Fast Onboarding Process

We develop customized processes that cater to your needs. It is to ensure we maximize everything out of our partnership. A fast and efficient implementation is our strength.

Cost-Effective Education Back Office Services

We remain committed to providing high-quality services at a reasonable price. We know you value your spending, and we ensure to add value to our services. You will not have to worry about your investments.

Constant Process Improvement

We dedicate logical resources to ensure our processes stay updated and remain efficient. We never take the easy route. We take the high road, called efficiency.

What Is Education Process Outsourcing?

BPO Education Center specializes in services that cater to schools and universities. Outsourcing in higher education is a growing subsector in the BPO industry. Education institutions resort to outsourcing education services as they are in a race to improve how they deliver education services and learning methods.

Learning methods and enhanced delivery are game changers in the educational experience. The focus shifted to the sophistication of how to deliver education. BPO's form in education enables you to make such improvements. Outsourcing in higher education sets you apart from competitors as you free yourself from the non-core process. If done right, you can reap its benefits.

What is Education Process Outsourcing?

It allows educational institutions to focus on giving quality education to their students while outsourcing companies' work on back-office tasks. With outsourcing, universities and schools can have an efficiently run, education-rich environment.

What are the Services Included in Education Process Outsourcing?

Here are a few services the education industry can outsource:

  • Student Information System Management
    It is essential to hire a specialist who can manage student information and allow this data to be safe and easily accessible to authorized personnel. Having a well-organized database enables educational institutions to function efficiently.
  • Appointment Setting
    Appointment-setting services are essential for educational institutions, especially those that require admission interviews. When you outsource this service, you no longer have to worry about managing appointments and dealing with schedules. Let our experts at Magellan Solutions help you out!
  • Course Registration and Enrollment Assistance
    Many universities now allow students to register and enroll online. It is more convenient for students because they no longer have to wait in long lines. It frees up the employees of educational institutions to work on other tasks.

What is the Difference between KPO and Education Process Outsourcing?

There is little to no difference between the two. Education process outsourcing often requires people or tools exclusive to the education sector, which is the basic meaning of knowledge process outsourcing. KPO requires a specific set of knowledge, an education degree, or experience to deliver services that fit the client's needs.

How Much Does Education Process Outsourcing Cost?

No education BPO service provider will tell you an exact amount without knowing your requirements. That is a fact. A good thing to consider when it comes to price is that you can customize it based on your budget or desired services. Custom-fit packages are available, and you can choose your combination based on your needs.

Launch Your Education BPO Support With Us

Are you drowning in paperwork? Are there mismanaged student databases? Distracted educators and poor mentoring abilities? Keep your education delivery at optimal performance with our education BPO services!



Toll Free: 1 800 371 6224        US: +1 650 204 3191        UK: +44 8082 803 175,        AU: +61 1800 247 724


Toll Free: 1 800 371 6224        US: +1 650 204 3191       

UK: +44 8082 803 175,        AU: +61 1800 247 724

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    It allows the educational institution to focus on giving quality education to their students while outsourcing the company's work on back-office tasks. With outsourcing, universities and schools can have an efficiently run, education-rich environment.