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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Education Outsourcing?

Education outsourcing refers to services that can be outsourced by institutions in the education industry. This allows the educational institution to focus on giving quality education to their students while outsourcing companies work on back-office tasks. With outsourcing, universities and schools can have an efficiently-run, education-rich environment.

What are the BPO services for the education sector?

There are a lot of BPO services that can be availed by the education sector. Here are a few.

Student Information System Management

It is important to hire a specialist who is able to manage student information and allow this data to be safe and easily accessible to authorized personnel. Having a well-organized database allows educational institutions to function properly and efficiently.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting services are important for educational institutions, especially those that require interviews for admission. When you outsource this service, you no longer have to worry about managing appointments and dealing with schedules. Let our experts at Magellan Solutions help you out!

Course Registration and Enrollment Assistance

Many universities now allow students to register and enroll online. This is more convenient for students because they no longer have to wait in long lines. This frees up the employees of educational institutions to work on other tasks.

Why is outsourcing beneficial for educational institutions?

When an education institution decides to outsource, they will have more time to focus on their strength, which is teaching, while the outsources company works on other tasks. This improves the quality of education provided by the institution.

BPO Services and Call Center Solutions for Education Institutions

At Magellan Solutions, we offer high-quality service at a very reasonable cost. Focus on nurturing your students while we work on back-office tasks.