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We are the #1 Realtor BPO for SMEs. Our global standard for BOP Real Estate provides efficient services for your business. Real estate outsourcing to the Philippines is your key to success.

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Why Do You Need To Outsource Real Estate Services?

Broker price opinion is a faster way to get an estimated cost for a real estate property. Outsourcing this service can boost your performance in the global market. BPO appraisal and BPO mortgage is also a lot more affordable compared to hiring professional appraisers.

If you are not yet outsourcing this service then you are getting left behind. Real estate companies outsourcing experience a better offer in budget buyer over or BBO real estate.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Experience the best in the real estate outsourcing Philippines with Magellan Solutions. Our 17+ experience in BPO service backs up our claim as one of the best outsourcing companies for real estate SMEs.

Affordability of service is one thing. But we upped it one notch by giving you a result that will exceed your expectations. We hire industry expert agents to supply you with a globally competitive outsourcing service.

Our safety protocol is also top of the line. We understand that your business information is extremely sensitive. Our ISO-certified privacy regulations guarantee you foolproof data security.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Call Center Company and BPO Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines for your real estate outsourcing services today!

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Our approach to BPO Real Estate Services

Efficiency is the most important thing when it comes to real estate BPO

Real estate virtual assistant jobs is an in-demand career right now. Our advantage is that there is an unlimited supply of industry experts ready to work for you. We can definitely improve your realty service using these steps:

  • We hire talents that pass our ISO-approved strict recruitment process.
  • We will train the hired talents specifically for your company's identity and onboard them whenever you need your team.
  • we will provide an in-house quality assurance supervisor to monitor the KPI that you set for our team.

You can expect a 100% positive outcome in just a short time that you outsource with us. Rest assured that your team will provide more BPO house valuation than you could have expected. We have advance software that allows us to work efficiently in the real estate sector.

BPO Property Valuation Service

Hire people that will help you determine the fair value of a real estate property. Explore all the possible selling point of lands and infrastructure through outsourcing. Expect an accurate valuation when you partner with us.

Realtor BPO Service

Hire a team that will present properties to your clients in a persuasive manner. We will help to increase your monthly profit by using various techniques to promote in different online platforms.

Lender BPO Service

Hire people that will provide estimated price of the a real estate property to a lender. We will take into account all the possible factors such as marketability, current local and global rate, and other comparable data available.

BPO Broker Service

Make sure that all of your transactions are legitimate. Hire people who will assess and look into the financial position of a potential borrower. We will the search market to determine the best real estate available for your client's capability.

BPO Home Value Service

Create a team that will search for any best broker price opinion available in the market place. Let us deal with your mortgage transaction and we will guarantee a successful turnaround for you real estate business.

Be on top of your game! The competition is as fierce as it get. Let us assist you.

Our Business Development Managers are here to assist you with your real estate outsourcing needs. We will help you in setting up your Key Performace Indicator (KPI) using data and information you will provide. We will set the service price depending on the number of agents you need and service provided. Don't worry! We don't have a minimum for all of our clients. Our goal is to help your business grow.

Our Current Benchmarks for BPO Real Estate Service

Affordable Real Estate BPO Service

Pricing for our real estate BPO service will depend on the service you need. There is no minimum seat required. We understand that SMEs don’t need a large team for their business operations.

Access to the Best and Most Skilled Professionals Available

When you outsource with us, you will have the opportunity to work with the best outsourcing talents in the world. BPO real estate is one of the most popular careers in the Philippines. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with the best of them.

Blended Effort from Outsourcing Company and Your Inhouse Team

We value team effort. Not just in our internal employees but with our partner companies. Double your success by having a collaboration with our BPO agents and your own real estate team.

Expose Yourself to Other Business Strategies

We know you have too much on your plate. Let us minimize your tasks so you can focus on more pressing company matters. Our expert agents are ready to help you in your day-to-day tasks.

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What is BPO Real Estate Services?

Real estate BPO companies provide services on a certain level for mortgage business. One of the most common services is BPO home value. Outsourcing companies will search for real estate property and will gather information to determine its price. On top of that, BPO valuation companies will set the price depending on the selling price of other houses in the neighborhood.

Besides BPO property valuation, outsourcing companies can also process mortgages. BPO mortgage is a loan taken to buy a property or land. You can outsource an interior BPO appraisal team to determine the qualifications of people applying for property loan.

What is a BPO in a Real Estate?

A Broker Price Opinion (BPO) calculates the estimated selling price of a property. The real estate broker will determine the BPO depending characteristics of the property. BPO is not the actual representation of the official appraised value. Some uses BPO if they want an estimate price of their land whenever they want to sell it. Some companies use it as an alternative in spending for appraisal service.

Can A Real Estate Agent Do a BPO?

Real Estate Agents can provide their broker price opinion. Although some states have a problem with BPO as it overstepped the role of appraisers, it is slowly changing as the time goes by. Many appraisers no longer want to do the BPO. Thus, real estates can provide report about the estimated price of a real estate property.

How To Do Make Adjustments BPO in Real Estate

The process of evaluating the cost of a real estate properties is based on the assumption that the price of the property should be equal to the expenses when building the property from the scratch. When calculating it, you have to subtract the depreciaton cost of the improvements to the expense of building the property. The expenses includes the land's underlying value and cost of the site rehabilitation.

What are BPO Services in Real Estate

Aside from cost evaluation, here are some of the other real estate services you can outsource:

  • Leasing Consultant
  • Property Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Residential Auction Staff
  • Lending Operations Analyst
  • Escrow Mortgage Professional
  • New Home Sales and Marketing Professional
  • Property Finance and Accounting Specialist

Increase Your Efficiency With Our Real Estate Outsourcing Services

Want to expand your business while reducing your expenses? Need more expert people for your real estate operation but don't have the capacity to add more fund for manpower? Gain more flexibility in workload and expense by outsourcing your real estate BPO needs.

1. Let's talk objectively about your targets and KPIs

Let us know your target goal in a given timeline. We will make sure to achieve it by assigning expert agents for your operation.

2. Tell us the ideal real estate BPO team you have in mind.

Your business is as good as the people in it. And we trust your intution about hiring the best for your company. We will choose the best people depending on the criteria you will set for us.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

BPO outsourcing is just a start. Once we reached your goal. Let us expand your marketability based on the outcome of your KPIs.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for BPO Real Estate Service for small and medium businesses globally.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is a BPO in Real Estate?

    A BPO in real estate provides the necessary manpower to perform tasks that are needed by real estate companies. The agents should be well-trained and should be able to cater to your business needs.

    What is the average cost of using a BPO company?

    The cost of outsourcing from BPO companies is not fixed. In Magellan Solutions, we let you have a flexible way of acquiring the manpower you need. Here are the factors that determine the cost.

    • Number of agents included in the contract
    • The length of time of the contract’s effectivity
    • The level of expertise of the agents hired
    • Existing laws set by the government regarding the services you request
    • The location of your business
    • 3D services
    • Other additional services

    What are the pros and cons of a real estate BPO?


    • When you outsource from real estate BPO your experience cost optimization. This means that you get the best out of the money that you pay.
    • You can have access to the best and most skilled professionals in exchange for a low price
    • You can augment your personal staffs with our agents to bring out the best outcome
    • You can immerse yourself in your core activities and produce better output without worrying about other tasks.


    • There isn’t really anything negative with regards to outsourcing from real estate BPO aside from exerting effort in looking for a dependable service provider.

    What services can you outsource from a real estate BPO?

    • Personal Assistant
    • Customer Services Officer
    • Telemarketing Officer
    • Marketing Officer
    • Leasing Consultant
    • Property Manager
    • Asset Manager
    • Residential Auction Staff
    • Lending Operations Analyst
    • Executive Secretary
    • Escrow Mortgage Professional
    • New Home Sales and Marketing Professional
    • Special Events Coordinator
    • Property Finance and Accounting Specialist
    • Language Translator
    • Maintenance Technician

    These are just some of the roles of an outsourced estate BPO agent, their responsibilities may not only be limited to the ones indicated in the list.

    Where Can I Outsource My Real Estate BPO Services?

    Magellan Solutions is your perfect partner to become competitive in the real estate industry. Our agents are well-versed in the field of real estate management and will surely be a great asset to your company.

    In what way can a real estate BPO help with your business growth?

    Real estate BPO can help you spend more time in more important company matters instead of wasting time on handling simple tasks Increase your sales and output rate by gaining access to skilled professionals for a low price

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