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Appointment Setting Services

  • Increase your business deals with Magellan’s appointment setting services.
  • We are an ISO-certified organization that has emphasis on information security.
  • Custom-fitted service using only validated tactics of background verification and cold calling depending on your client portfolio.
  • Why Outsource Appointment Setting to a Call Center?

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    Superior Appointment Scheduling

    Ensure that all your customers are being set for an appointment with our digital appointment recording and tracking system. We can also integrate IVR to give additional guide to your customers.

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    Strict Adherence to Information Security

    You can trust that all your information are secured with us. We have an ISO certification that proves the safety of your data.

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    Skilled Appointment Setters

    Proper skills and training in appointment setting services? Our agents are equipped with all of that! They are experts in cold calling depending on the portfolio of the client that will help increase your business deals.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Appointment Setting Services?

    Appointment setting services are either B2B or B2C, outbound or inbound. This type of service connects you to other businesses that can be your business partners, or introduce you to possible buyers. Outsourcing this service will help you find new prospects without the hassle and stress that usually comes with it.

    What Are The Benefits Of An Appointment Setter Service?

    • Additional time to focus on your core business
    • Less cost compared to the service of in-house appointment setter
    • The targeted approach of introducing your product or service to a particular demographic
    • Hassle-free
    • Determine the convenient meeting place that will work for both parties
    • As the process that comes after lead generation, an outsourced appointment setting can help you increase your sales

    Appointment setting is not simply a process of endless cold calling. To make it work, agents should know to show empathy and a high level of customer service when speaking with prospects. It is not only a matter of selling but of helping your target market meet their actual needs.

    Which Industries Need An Appointment Setter Service?

    The industries that get the most of appointment setter services are the following:

    • Medical
    • Legal
    • IT consulting companies
    • B2B companies
    • Commercial real estate
    • Financial institutions
    • Insurance companies

    How To Find The Best Call Center For Appointment Setting?

    Finding a call center that offers appointment setting is easy. But getting a hold of one which is credible and competent is quite tricky. Here are some things that you and your decision-makers should take into account:

    • Clean and competitive track record
    • Information security compliance
    • Pricing
    • Employee attrition ratings
    • Industry experience

    Outsource Appointment Setting Services in Philippines

    If you are thinking of outsourcing appointment setting to telemarketing companies, try Magellan Solutions. We have been in this business industry for more than 14 years now in the Philippines. We can help you with our team of professional appointment setters; we will be your partners in closing as many business deals possible. For more information, click the button below.