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Why Do You Need Technilcal Support Services?

IT help desk outsourcing will give you quick and easy solutions across several channels. By contracting the best tech support company, you can easily resolve any technical issues and improve your agents' efficiency.

This function seems to be pretty simple but your overall operations heavily rely on 24 7 computer tech support. That is why it is important to look for a dependable call center outsourcing vendor.

For starters, you have to look at the credibility of the company. It is critical to find a BPO partner that has years of experience in assisting different industries of their technical needs.

Fortunately, Magellan Solutions offer tech support calls in almost every sector worldwide. We have a good reputation amongst the 100+ partner companies we have under our belt. Our trusted tech support team can work on your company 24/7 without too much supervision.

Security is also one of the main reasons why we are the best tech support provider for SMEs. Our facilities and data privacy protocol has ISO and HIPAA which is the benchmark in security standards.

Partner with the #1 SME-focused Call Center Company and BPO Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines for your Tech Support Outsourcing Service!

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Our approach to outsourced technical support

Security and efficiency is our main goal when it comes to IT outsourcing service.

There is no denying that our information security makes us one of the best technical support companies. However, that is not the only benefit you can get from us. Our agents are also well-trained when it come to customer support outsourcing. Here's how we do it:

  • we hire people with background and in-depth knowledge in tech support industry.
  • we conduct very specific training to enhance their IT skills.
  • we provide quality assurance team to monitor their performance in accordance with your KPIs.

Through these steps, expect an efficient and secured operation when it comes to outsourced IT support services. Whether you want to have an internal IT support or customer service, we guarantee a favorable outcome for your business.

Technical Support Services

Hire people who will guide your customers about queries on your product. Our inbound customer service will surely be a great help for your operation as our agents are patient and empathetic.

Outsourced IT Support Services

Organize your point of contact by hiring people who will connect your customer and service provider. Our agents can schedule customers' maintenance request to your service contract partner.

Help Desk Technical Services LLC

Use our service to get a lot of updated software available in the market. We provide installation and maintenance at the same time. Besides that, we can support software upgrades in the future too.

IT Service Desk Outsourcing

Avoid unnecessary technical error by hiring people who can troubleshoot your system. Our tech support team can definitely provide fast and effective solutions for your system. We can also give suggestions to prevent future errors.

IT Support as a Service

Hire people who will remotely fix your computer. Save yourself with training people on technical tasks for your company. Our agents have several years of experience of working with different companies and various customers.

Now is your chance! Experience secured and efficient IT support when you outsource with us.

Our Business Developers will discuss with you all of our services depending on the list of your customers, desired business strategy, and expectations. We can also assist you in setting KPIs for your operations. Once we've done discussing all the necessary details then we can talk about the cost which we guarantee is affordable.

Our Current Benchmarks For Outsourced Technical Support

Skilled Tech Support Agents

We always make sure that we hire people who have experienced in the IT sector. On top of that, we have training to further sharpen their skills.

Efficient Onboarding Process

We believe the best results comes from a well-planned strategy. That is why we are conducting several tests first before onboarding to make sure everything can have an outstanding result.

Affordable IT Support Service

Our cost will always depend on the service you want and number of people you need. We understand that start-up businesses don't need large team so we have no minimum required to service your company.

Latest and Updated Available Software

We always make sure that our technology is at par with BPO companies assisting the Fortune 500. Thus, you can have an access with technologies used by big corporations.

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Outsourced Technical Support

IT help desk outsourcing provides several assistance for your company and customers. The main tasks of IT customer support outsourcing is to guide customers in their technical queries about your product. Tech support company agents can also schedule maintenance service for your customers. They can contact your maintenance team to provide the client's information.

Besides that, call center outsourcing vendors can also work on your internal system. They can troubleshoot computers and software. Tech support calls can also install software in your computer that you can use on your operation.

What is Outsourcing Technical Support?

Outsourcing technical support involves partnering with BPO company to get the best possible IT service available for your operation. It is a good way to improve your service while reducing your expenses that you can use on different upgrades.

Why Outsource Technical Support?

Almost all industries in the world is already using software and computers in their operations. Thus, IT support is already applicable in every businesses. On top of that, the market is shifting into online platform. So website building and other IT-related service is a very in-demand program.

What are the Different Types of IT Support as a Service?

There are different services you can outsource from a third-party service provider. For instance, you can outsource your IT customer support to assist your customers about their technical issues towards your product. Another IT service is to monitor your system remotely. BPO firms have different ways to protect your data privacy like anti-virus and anti-phishing scheme.

Is IT Support as a Service Good for Small or Medium Businesses?

More and more companies are outsourcing their inbound tech support service. It is like a customer service but most inquiries are about technical issues. If you want to reduce budget in manpower while maintaining or improving the quality of your service then you must outsource it to a reputable BPO company.

Outsource Your Tech Support Service with Us

Want to have the best software available at an affordable price? Need to increase productivity by avoiding technical errors? Our expert tech support team will work with you 24/7 to fulfill this goal of yours.

1. Let's talk objectively about your targets and KPIs

Give us your desired achievable outcome and a timetable to finish it. Your KPIs should be our guideline in operating your technical support team.

2. Tell us the ideal sales team you have in mind.

Your team will be based on your desired agents. We trust your intuition when it comes to hiring the perfect team. With our guideline, let's make sure to get the best agents available.

3. After we helped scale your business, let's explore further.

Once we achieved your KPIs, let us talk further by planning how we can further improve your business. While we're at it, let's business expansion too.


For over 17 years, we have built Magellan Solutions to be the right answer for Outsourced Technical Support for small and medium businesses globally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Call Center Support Services

    According to the State of Global Customer Service Report by Microsoft, 61% of consumers have stopped transacting with a business after experiencing poor customer service.

    If you do not want your business to experience the same, it is time to outsource your call center support services to Magellan Solutions.

    Our 15 years in the service is proof of a reliable company, trusted by many businesses from different industries around the world. We are result-driven, doing business with high standards, well-organized processes, and with the help of our professional people.

    What are Call Center Support Services?

    These are the call center services that companies outsource to another company. It requires support staff to do a specific business process like technical support service, customer service, and many more.

    Here, a team of professional agents is dedicated to your business. They will be the one to represent your brand and your company as a whole when customers have concerns regarding your products and services.

    Why Should You Outsource Call Center Support Services?

    Some of the important points to consider when thinking of outsourcing your call center support services are the following:

    • Building You a Better Brand Image
      As a call center support provider, we are an extension of your business, creating a promising and better brand image for you. We are equipped with top-notch materials as well as programs and software to achieve your goal and bring your business to greater heights of success.
    • Reliable Round-the-Clock Services
      The 24/7 call center support services of Magellan Solutions allow businesses to connect with clients any time, even after regular office hours and during weekends, and holidays.

    Based on a study, in the year 2020, round-the-clock customer support service is one of the things that consumers are already expecting from businesses. With this, the 24/7 feature creates a good impression of you as a reliable company for always being available when clients have concerns.

    • Providing a Team of Experts
      We have a team of trained call center support that guarantees to create a good customer relationship, improve the level of customer satisfaction, and increase your customer retention rate

    If you cater to clients from different parts of the world, we got you. We have a multilingual support team to make your customer base wider.

    • Customized Call Center Support Service Package
      Nothing will go to waste. We want you to grow with us, which is why we created a special feature to help businesses get value-for-money services.

    Create a custom-made call center support service package that is flexible, versatile, scalable, and versatile. This feature allows businesses to include only the specific and most important requirements by simply getting in touch with one of our business development officers. They will gladly assist you in getting the best out of what we can offer.

    Help Desk Call Center

    Hiring dedicated in-house staff for your help desk call center may cost you a fortune. This is why the growth rate of the help desk outsourcing industry as of today is said to be about 60-70% every year.

    If you are aiming for cost-saving and other benefits of help desk call center service, outsource now from one of the top-notch call centers in the Philippines—Magellan Solutions.

    Be a part of our continuously growing network of satisfied clients with our value-for-money help desk services. Our decade and a half of experience in the field is proof of our competitive quality service.

    What is a Help Desk Call Center Service?

    It is the type of service that assists with specific concerns about different products and services. This service commonly involves queries concerning digital systems, troubleshooting of a product, and many more.

    Is Help Desk the Same as Technical Support?

    No, the help desk is different from technical support. This is a common mistake by people as these two services almost have the same function, which is to address queries from customers about technical problems. Moreover, both need technical knowledge and expertise, but their difference lies greatly in the following:

    Most of the time, especially to big companies that are outsourcing, the help desk is mainly to provide technical assistance to employees of the same company. Meaning, the help desk is mostly to assist internal staff while the technical support is dedicated to helping the customers of the company. The knowledge of a help desk agent is commonly limited to the product and services that the outsourcing company provides to customers. On the other hand, technical support representatives rely most of the time on the script to answer queries and solve problems about the product.

    Since help desk agents have greater knowledge, they sometimes assist the technical support staff to solve the problem of a customer, especially when the concern is beyond the expertise of the staff.

    Why Outsource Your Help Desk Call Center Service?

    Outsourcing your help desk call center may offer plenty of benefits to your company. Some of it may be the following:

    It allows you to provide 24/7 support to those who need it. Having an around-the-clock help desk is an important aspect of a business to ensure that you can cater to everyone in need of assistance even when they least expect it.

    You can feel confident that your brand is being represented by professional people who are excellent in their field. It also allows you and your people to focus on the core functions of the business without such distractions that may occur, considering that help desk concerns sometimes take a lot of time to fix.

    Since help desk staff record issues regarding products or services, you can use the data recorded to check the common concerns about it. The information you got allows you to know the weak areas and then improve it based on the issues.

    Tech Support Call Center

    Looking for the right outsourcing company for your technical support can sometimes be a difficult task. But if you want to get the most out of outsourcing and achieve real growth for your business, Magellan Solutions can be your partner in providing excellent tech support to your customers.

    How Does Outsourcing Tech Support Help Businesses to Grow?

    Aside from allowing you to focus on your core processes, outsourcing tech support have other benefits that could help your business to grow, such as:

    • It allows you to have agents with expertise that is focused on the tech support services.
    • Outsourced companies have an advanced ticketing system that could make fixing issues faster.
    • Faster response to technical issues means a higher level of customer satisfaction.

    Here are just some of the advantages of hiring Magellan Solutions for your tech support call center:

    • 24/7 Tech Support Services
      We offer 24/7 tech support services with the help of our trained and professional people who will handle your business process. Our multilingual agents allow your business to have a wide reach of customer base and with quality assurance monitoring that helps ensure that we are delivering consistent, quality, and the best service to your customers.
    • Experienced Company with More than A Decade in the Business
      Our company has fifteen years of experience in the outsourcing industry. We have handled tech support from multiple clients that made us learn the legalities concerning this business process.
    • Updated Knowledge on the Latest Law
      We ensure to have up-to-date knowledge about the laws and regulations in each country that companies need to adhere to. This is to prevent issues that may arise.
    • A Business with Proper Certifications

    Since there are many risks in the industries related to technology, Magellan Solutions have ensured to have various certifications, namely:

    • Trustwave is necessary for businesses related to e-commerce.
    • PCI is mainly for data account protection.
    • GDPR is important for European countries.
    • ISO 27001 helps ensure that the outsourced company adheres to the strict standard information security measures. This is basically to assure that data and all other information of the client are safe.

    Why Outsource Tech Support to the Philippines?

    It was previously reported that the IT-BPM industry in the Philippines is continuously growing per year. In 2016, it has reached a revenue of $25 Billion and it is said to reach about $48 Billion by this year 2020.

    As a result of its continuous growth, it became one of the focus of the education system. And this helps many students to learn more about information technology, which can be the first step to get experience in tech support tasks. This helps increase the quality of work as competition in the industry continues to arise.

    In addition to this, one of the goals of BPO companies in the Philippines is to educate their people about international standards and laws that are related to work. This helps hone their staff, get them a hundred percent ready to do tech support jobs, and become a valuable part of the industry.

    If you want a reliable and responsive team of support from the Philippines, Magellan Solutions can help you get it! Experience a smoother business process and a better outcome by clicking the button below.

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