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BPO Services in the Philippines


There’s only a little time in a day to fit in all your tasks. Work smart! Outsource to a BPO company to help you strategically distribute your resources — time, money, effort, and workforce. See what our BPO services can do for you.


Magellan Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of BPO solutions to accommodate all business’ back-office support. Its client list has been expanding each year and it has decided to up the ante and offer new ones. Magellan has very satisfied clients who have trusted the company with tasks on data entry or data processing, medical coding and billing, order processing, accounting, legal outsourcing, loans service, credit card processing, loan and credit card debt collection, applied engineering, and social media customer care.

Provide top-notch call center solutions that keep you in close contact with your valued clients.

Extra edge which no automated IVR call center can give-a chance to build a personal relationship with your customers.

With innovative tools and services,your business can improve customer satisfaction by staying open 24/7.

Highly-skilled customer service team who offers something that no other call center agent can.


What Are The Advantages Of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

These are some of the advantages of business process outsourcing:

  • Provides flexibility in the fast-changing business environment.
  • Lowers costs because there is no need for a physical office and additional staff to hire
  • Offers you immediate contact with your customers
  • Helps in increasing customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores
  • BPO companies ensure that their agents are well-equipped to handle customer inquiries and concerns
  • Gives you more time to focus on your core competencies
  • Outsourcing companies have customized services suited for large companies, small businesses, and startups.

How Do BPO Services Help Increase Efficiency & Competence?

The time that you save by outsourcing helps you to enhance your business functions. Your in-house departments can focus on developing your core business. At the same time, your outsourced team can take care of your customer service and sales. This combined effort increases efficiency and competence.

How Are Most Outsourcing Agreements Legally Structured?

Most outsourcing agreements are legally structured by starting with a Master Service Agreement. This contract outlines the services that you expect from the outsourcing provider. Provisions and policies should be clearly stated in the agreement, as well as pricing for the service.

How To Find A Reliable Business Process Outsourcing Partner?

Outsourcing services requires careful planning and sound decision making. To help you find a reliable BPO partner, consider these factors:

  • Industry expertise
  • Years of service
  • Security measures
  • Seating capacity
  • Pricing
  • Location

A reliable BPO vendor should not only help you save, but it should also help you grow.

How Much Does It Cost For Outsourcing BPO Services?

The cost of outsourcing BPO services may vary depending on the type of service your business requires. For more than 13 years, Magellan Solutions offers flexible pricing to meet your business needs. We offer a wide array of BPO services. Get a quote by filling out the form below.



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