24 7 Answering Service

  • Automated 24/7/365 answering services for after-hours and overflow calls.
  • Affordable IVR-based customer support and front-end automation for small businesses with high call volumes
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores by providing immediate response to inquiries and concerns.
  • Why Outsource 24/7 Answering Service to a Call Center?

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    Affordable 24/7 Services

    Time is never an issue when you outsource your round-the-clock call center services to us. We will make sure to serve all of your customers the best way possible at a reasonable cost.

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    Immediate Response

    Get a high level of customer satisfaction when you outsource our 24/7 answering services. We will provide your customers with immediate response to all of their inquiries and concerns.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are 24/7 Answering Services?

    It is an automated call center solution that promotes self-service for faster resolution of basic customer concerns. It is the best option for businesses with limited budget yet needs all-day customer support.

    But if you prefer an answering service operated by an actual human agent, you can outsource live answering services.

    How Does A 24/7 Answering Service Work?

    As a round-the-clock service, it takes advantage of the power of automation to deliver self-service options to customers who need immediate support in answering basic queries.

    An IVR-powered answering service is cost-efficient and low-maintenance, perfect for businesses who have limited budget but with great desire to improve their customer service.

    Who Needs A 24/7 Call Center?

    Businesses that need support in answering an influx of calls during and after office hours can benefit from getting a 24/7 call center.

    Why do you need a 24/7 call center?

    Through its 24/7 phone answering service, a customer service call center can handle all your incoming calls using its automated phone system. Aside from that, it can help you with the following:

    • Reducing the cost of operations
    • Analyzing reports based on calls received
    • Call management
    • Delivering good self-service customer experience to your callers
    • Improving the quality of your service

    It is best to get a 24/7 answering service if you receive several phone calls even after office hours.

    What are the benefits of a 24-hour phone answering service?

    Experience these benefits when you get a 24-hour answering service:

    • Higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores
    • Stronger customer relationships
    • Good reputation among your market
    • Higher revenue
    • Critical coverage of business gaps
    • Seamless operations
    • Increased productivity

    Outsourcing 24/7 Answering Services In The Philippines

    For more than 20 years, the Philippine call center industry proved its worth in providing top-notch customer service. The country’s Special Economic Zone Act makes outsourcing more cost effective for businesses.

    With Magellan Solutions on your side, you can expect to reap the benefits of 24/7 call center services. We adjust to your schedule, handling calls on your behalf during and after fixed business hours. Our IVR-based answering service can cope with high call volume, seasonal peaks, and valleys, as well as call overflows.

    We have the capacity to handle both dedicated and shared projects at custom rates. Click the button below to learn more.